Warrior need help

Hi all! i'm new in this game, i have 2 week playing :3!!
now i need help whit my warrior i dont know what skill pasive can learn, i want to use sword two hand weapon and i have 190str, 60con and 60agi... 

my question is :D! what are the best skill pasive for me? for use two hand weapon? 

somebody have a good guide? thanks if u can help me :D

and... how can i kill dragon jade? xDD he heal too much xD

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    Sounds like your trying to create a 1hit wonder, my advice is to focus on passive skills which increase your strength/melee/physical hit, seen as your going all out attack, tip: if ur going all out attack, there's no point having any defence (except from your pet), make sure your attacks hit the target, as you will be vulnerable to longer lasting battles

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