Hi all, we collected some frequently asked questions and provide the answers as below. We hope these may help you to report/apply/solve your problems more efficient. Thanks.

- How to get Twitter/Facebook reward?

Here are tips to get the gifts:
1. Update to the latest game version;
2. Using the latest system version;
3. Connected to the Internet;
4. Click through our "Go To our Twitter now!"/"Like our Facebook Page and get rewards!";
5. Follow/Like us!  
Tips: Only 1 character under each account can be rewarded. You cannot get again even you deleted the character.

- What to do if Tapjoy free gold not received?

If the gold's not sent to your accounts since repeatedly running the apps within 24 hours after downloading, please write to with :
1.The UDID of your iDevice;
2.The name of the app you downloaded;
3.The name of the app you wish to acquire gold coins (Empire Online).
They will check for you.

- What should I do if paid but IAP/Google Checkout coins not received?

If purchased successfully, please check the inbox of the registered email of your Apple/Google ID and forward the full email receipt SCREENSHOT/photo to with:
1. Lakoo ID, Server of game and Character name,
2. Amount of silver/Gold coins purchased,
3. Number of purchases (e.g 3 times),
4. Time of purchase (e.g Dec 8, 2010 ).
We will check for you.

- I paid but my coins are not received by SMS/BOKU...

For BOKU purchase, please provide:
1.the name of your mobile service provider. e.g AT&T, Sprint, Verizon;
2.your mobile number with country/area code, e.g: +1 (415) 123 456;
3.server and character names;
4.silver coins purchased;
5.number of purchases (e.g 3 times);
6.time of purchase (e.g Dec 8, 2010).
We'll check for you.
Tips: We cannot deliver the coins until the order is completed or successful.

- Why is my game lagging?

If it happens for the first time or ocasionally, please refresh or relog in to try again later with good network connection as sometimes it may be caused by temporary network connection problem or rush-hour congestion. We hope you will try without other apps running in the background as well.
If your problem stays unsolved, we suggest you should check your network connection first. For in-game settings, you can tap "More" - "Setup" in game then you can change the display settings of Name to "Off", Mini Map to "Simple" and Others to "Hidden". Also, you can try to force to shut down the game, restart your device and relog in to check again.
When the above fails, you can contact in-game GM with your detailed device model, system version, display resolution and game version, as some devices/systems may be not well compatible with our game yet.

- What to do if I bound some item on misoperation?

We do not handle any request for problem caused by player's own operation. Please write to in-game GM ASAP with the full name of item and the exact time/date when bound. We will check for you. Tips: We can only offer each account one chance ONLY for such recovery for one single non-autobound item if you request within 24 hours after binding on misoperation as a normal current game setting.

- I mistakenly deleted one character under my account...

We do not handle any request for problem caused by player's own operation. However, each account has one chance ONLY to recover. If you agree to use the chance to recover the character, please confirm when you contact in-game GM with the name/ID/level/race/class of the character. Please ensure there is enough slot for the recovery. And please note the chance works for one character ONLY under the same account.

- How to log in old account on new device?

For the latest game version after recent update, to log in old account on new device, please tap More-Setup-Account-Bind on the device after inputting email address bound to the account. Then you can relog in on the device to play the account. Please read related description carefully and ensure 1 email address bound to 1 account.
If the email address has been bound to more than one account before the update, we suggest you to provide new valid email address matching your account name/ID by writing to via the account-bound email address. We will check for you.

- Why the problem is still not fixed after waiting so long?

We are sorry if any inconvenience is caused. We have to process our players' problems one by one in order and some of them need further checking by the relevant department and may take some time before a solution/reply, though we usually complete a case ASAP within 3-5 working days and reply ASAP within 24 hours if you write to in-game GM or Please contact us between 9:00 am and 21:30 GMT+8 (18:00-6:30 PST) as current office hours if you can. Thanks for your understanding and support.

- What to do if I have suggestions/bug to report for the game?

You are recommended to post your suggestions or bug report under the Suggestions / Bug Report sub-forum after logging on our official forum We will check ASAP on irregular time basis. Once accepted or confirmed, we will make your suggestions part of our game or fix the bug ASAP, though some suggestions may take some time or may be currently improper on considerate consideration of various aspects for game balance, etc. Please kindly provide the related details, particularly the full names of quest/map/NPC involved, and screenshots if available, especially for bug report for fixing ASAP.

- What should I do if my account/character is frozen/banned/disabled?

For your account safety and necessary file recording of such case, please directly write to with your account/character name/ID, the time/date when frozen/banned/disabled and related details. We will check for you. Such account problem can be processed only by writing to For such case, you are not recommended to contact in-game GM who will suggest the same as it may delay your problem processing.

- I want to report inappropriate behaviors in game...

In order to maintain good game environment, any reports of inappropriate behaviors, including but not limited to foul language and harassing, will be accepted. Please forward the screenshot of the conversation of that player as proof/evidence to We will take action accordingly once confirmed.

- My account was hacked...

We are sorry if any worry/misunderstanding is involved. Our game is equipped with tracking system and manual monitoring against such behavior. The so-called hacking cases reported by far have been confirmed as account buying/selling/sharing, which violates our terms of use.
If you insist, please change your password ASAP and do not hesitate to write to via account-bound email address with the UDID/IMEI of device you used to log in the account, the last logoff time as exact as possible and the city you lived in real world when last logged off. We will check and take action accordingly.
Tips: We do not handle any request related to account selling/buying/sharing as it violates our Terms of Use.

- What should I do if I'm scammed?

If scammed with loss, please send related details and screenshot of chatting records containing transaction content clearly to as proof. Once confirmed, we will take action accordingly.
Tips: Without the proof, we cannot process your request. You are strongly recommended to trade via in-game Trading Post NPC and recharging by tapping Shop-Coins against possible scamming and unncessary loss.  

- What to do if my changed pet name does not work?

If your changed pet name contains certain special character/Emoji, it may be not recognized by the system. Please write to in-game GM with pet name/level/grade and the time/date when changed as exact as possible. If you still hope to have the changed name, please write to with your character name/ID, screenshot of your full pet name and related time/date when changed. We will check for you.

- I'm stuck and cannot move...

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please tap Refresh/Town or relog in to the game to try again. Please write to in-game GM to elaborate on your problem if your problem remains unsolved.

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