Anything(toward wizard)_Wizard Guide plus Universal pet, gem, pvp_ Moonlite

The bottom part are from my BLOG:

Since only guides post here will count as a helpful guide so Lakoo can count the people saying if this is helpful, please feel free to click "I think this is helpful" Lol I will post many different guide on here.


Some of the (not up to date) data may affect the final result, but in general my tips and experience in this guide will carry you.



Hi This is Moonlite

Since I play wizard most of the time, so I plan to write up a guide for wizard…Ok.

But wait, there is more,

Part one through six is mainly about Wizard, But seven to nine is a universal Guide about Pet ,Gem and PvP.

Please Enjoy My Guide


"Part One"

What kind of attack do Wizard use???

Hmmm, Wizard uses Element Attack and Curse Attack.

For element attack the most important value is " Element Hit"

Different from Physical Hit, element hit does effect the damage of element magic spell.(1000physical hit and 500 physical hit has the same damage output.)

(Element attack depend on Magic attack and element Hit)

For curse attack, the most important thing is "curse Hit". Because in the attack of curse, all damage is depend on the %MaxHp of target. And the curse hit will be the factor to ensure "Hit or miss"

"Curse attack depend on Level of curse skill, and the curse hit"


"Park Two."

How can wizard ensure to perform magic(element/curse) on target?

-There is a formula:(Your magic attack+skill's attack)X((your element hit-target's element resis)/100)= Final damage.

Beside those, if this part:(your element hit-target's element resis) is lower then 100, then you may miss your attack.

For example:

1. element hit=200, target element resis= 100, then your magic element spell can 100% hit on the target.

2. element hit=150, target element resis= 100, you have only 50% to hit it plus your magic will only cast 50% of original damage.

So from the example we can see that element hit is very very super important to "element Wizard"

-For curse wizard, the chance is the same,(your curse hit-target's curse resis), if the final number is greater then 100, then its 100% hit, If it is fewer then 100, then it is the % of your number, the different between element attack and curse attack is that when element Hit difference is <100 the damage will reduce, but curse attack still keep its power.


"Part Three."

Hmmm so after knowing how both damage works lets working on how to build it :D

Element Wizard First

Three kind of build: All Wil,All Int, Half Int half Wil.

Let me say the good and bad for those kind of build.

All Wil: This kind of build has High Magic defence(Resis), Middle speed, low in damage.

All Int: This kind of build has High Magic attack, low magic defence, NO SPEED.

Half-Half: All middle, middle magic atk,speed, and magic def.

I prefer before Lv55 every magic should put their status point to Int, and little WIL. Why, if your skill didn't master to Lv20, maybe its hard to oneshot all monsters in one round. Little Wil will help you in speed, for example Lv53 Little Boars needs 250 speed.

The "must have skill" list below.

Mystery Lv(10-20)

Curse Accuracy lv20

Magic Learning lv20

elemental Mastery lv20

Wizard's Will lv20

Ancient Knowledge lv20

Advanced Magic Lv20

Wand Use lv20

Burning hand lv20(or Lv10)—–\

Acid Arrow Lv20(or lv10)——-/Chose one

Thunder Boom lv1

These Skill are depend on personal build.I would caption the skill.


-Mana tide totem Lv10

This is a interesting skill, the only auto-skill that add element hit 10 at lv10, also the effect can cast to all group. Warning: this skill takes up 2 slot of status bar in one round, may disturb other group member's buff.

-Pipemanship lv15 and Abyssal Fury lv15

These two skills are most the only skills add critical hit chance in passive skill. Pipemanship lv15 gives 36 and abyssal gives 15. If learn both skill the critical hit chance is 51%, often people would grab doom sword(+210 speed +50 critical) to make 101 critical, which means 100% critical hit.

-Energy Shield Lv13 Elemental Armor Lv10 Fox's Sly Lv10

Both skills add Magic defense, Energy shield add 51% magic/range defense and elemental armor add 15% of magic/melee defense.Fox's Sly add 10int and 10% of magic defense. If you need additional magic defense when fighting these are your skills.

-Iron BodyLv10 Power of Sun lv10 Mana Boost Lv10

These are skills that can help you to survive, which means increase the HP. Iron Body add Max Hp by 290 add Con 10%, Power of Sun lv10 gives 32% of Max HP and Con 5%, and mana boost gives 20% of maxHP.

-Fury lv1 icicle lv1 hiding lv1

These are survive skill too, Fury(auto-skill) gives u immune to hold,silence,chaos, but it will do(element Hit-50 and Hp-500) each round, so use with care. icicle is a attack skill which can Hit target plus hold for one round, but your element Hit will -50,plus if u are slower then the targer's speed then the hold effect won't help you.Last hiding, this skill can makes you immune to physical attack for two round, but this skill need 1000mp to cast at lv1, plus warrior's judgement, holy water, pet's purify can make break the effect.

-Quick thinking lv20

This is usually learn when u need speed, this skill gives 105 speed, just opional.

Please chose the skill carefully, think what kind of element wizard you want to build.


Ok, Curse wizard.

To make a successful Curse Wizard you either need super fast speed that curse target before target makes action, or make a defense like curse wizard that Have High Magic defense, high in Hp, and you need a loyal pet :D

So since curse attack doesn't involve Magic attack, so int eliminated.

Two kind: All Agi, to make it super fast.(speed 1500 up)

or half wil and con, or all wil

Since I only know the central idea of curse wizard and haven't play it yet, my skill suggestion and weapon will be disputatious. I would add it if i have more invest in it.


"Part Four"

What kind of Wizard(on equipment)

Why some wizard uses sword+shield and why some use wand? Hmm let me explain .

Sword+shield:Faster(most single-hand sword add speed, More Hp(shield add Hp) and higher resis(sometimes,depend on the sword and shield), but compare to wand wizard it lack in element hit and magic attack.

Wand: High in element Hit and Magic Attack. low in other factor.

which weapon would I prefer to use??

Wand user: if you have many element hit gem socket(or element hit higher then 200) i prefer Rastlin's judgement wand(add 10% of base element hit), if want Higher magic attack I think sorrow wand is good too.It add 40%of magic attack and 15element hit.

Sword+Shield user:

Sword:If you learn pipemanship lv15 and abyssal fury lv15 you can try using Doom Sword(+50Critical, +210 Speed). If you want to have higher magic attack you can try Nightmare sword( which is the weapon I am using now), it gives +324Attack speed, Max Hp+300, Curse resist+35, Magic attack +30%.

Shield:actually it depends on what u want, whats your weakness, You can use Athena'silver shield for Hp,Wil,and Mp. Poseidon's shield for Hp and extra MP boost.Krato's sun shield for Hp and defense boost.


"Part Five"

Some wizard player may think that my guide is kind of complecated, yes it is hard to understand some of the detail, but if you play wizard you must know it. Now I give some guide on leveling.


Lv1-26 during this time please finish ALL Four(Eastland,Nordic,atlantis,maya) mainline quest. ofcourse those quest which gives u 10k or 28k exp is great, but you need to get familiar to this game by doing mission and fight monsters.

Lv26-32 This stage please go to Rome Hill to fight those spider and zombies, you must kill all monster in one round or your hp might turn 0 before next turn.(damage needed 1k+)

Lv32-36 Here you can go to Amenti Grave which is only one map away from Rome Hill, just like previous hint, MUST kill them in one turn.(damage needed1.3k+)

Lv36-48 please go to Dark Fastness set return point and go to the top map to kill wolve, same here, kill all mob in one turn.(damage needed 1.6+, some monster need 1.8k+)

Lv48-55 Last stage. Go to peach blossom village, and set reborn point here. The monster we are killing here is Little boars, you need at least element hit 200 and the damage needed is 2.1k( not magic attack))

05/2012 update:

lv55-Lv60 you can sure stay at boar and Lv like crazy. But if you have enough stats, you can challenge the DRAGON's CAVE. 

Wizard please use magic guard and farm happily.(well, 270 ele hit, 2000+magic attack.)

Rage please take a ele block pet and pick RED DRAGON ONLY.

Melee please have 300+ hit rate, 14000 atk(around there), and atleast 150 speed. 100cri. Bring ele block pet. 

"Part Six"


So thats the main suit for every stage?

Lv25--->Lv35 Anoint Suit, you really don't need to get every part, especially someone may charge specific part more expensive then other part.(dont have ring or neck or earing its OK)

Lv35—>Lv45 Felheart suit, same here, you dont have to get every part of suit, lack of one or two part its totally fine.Lv45—>Lv55 you can wear Poseidon Ring,necklace, and earing. keep your Felheart dont change(you can use dark wing mantle, nordic helm), for weapon you can use rastlin's judgement wand, or sword-shield red lotus+its suit shield for element hit boost.


Lv55. NO doubt, the final "Suit" for element wizard is Dark Moon Suit, and the problem is that every part of this suit=300gc-1500gc or higher)

so I have another plan for people who dont want to wear and can't afford it.

Cheap plan:

Head=Poseidon's helm or mirage hat

Pauldron= enhanced Dark Wing mantle

Clothes:Mirage robe, or Fairy hat+ fairy praise(this one +30int/Wil but its expensive…..)

Bracer: Azael's gauntle(getting cheap)

Amulet:Wisdon hero's certificate( from Dragon palace instance's final reward)

Leg: this one i really don't know a cheap and good one, use felheart or oracle leg.

Boot: hmmm use shadow blaze boot

Neck-Earing-Ring= Poseidon's

These are really really cheap build(gear base)

And I have a expensive build:

Head= Dark moon helm

Pauldron= Dark moon mantle

Clothes: Dark moon Robe

Bracer:Dark Moon bracer

Amulet:Azael's soul

Leg: Dark Moon legging

Boot: Dark Moon boot

Neck-Earing-Ring= Aleph's ring/earing/necklace or INT/WIL strengthen set

And here is the Super luxury build

Head= Envy hat

Pauldron= Dark Moon's mantle, or enhanced dark wing mantle

Clothes: Envy robe

Bracer: MJ's white glove(LV55)

Amulet: Azael's Soul

Leg: Dark Moon legging

Boot: Dark Moon legging

Neck-Earing-Ring= Envy Earing, Shaman's necklace.INT/WIL strengthen set


"Part Seven:(Universal guide)"


Socket gem is alway alway how bad and how expensive it will cost when you get the idea wrong.

Every part of gear can socket 20 gem(NEVER SEEM ANYONE IN MY LIFE GOT 20 SOCKET), P.S. some gear can't be socketed.

according to official information the chance of socketing gem after 3 is 50%. That means YOU BETTER SOCKET ALL YOUR GEAR WITH SOCKET 3 BEFORE YOU GO ON +4. Its Not hard to go to +4 or +5 when you feel good, but there is still somebody would get all break for +4.(Don't worrie, chill and move on, most of player suffer that anger when gem break)


For Wizard I would say gem either INT, WIl or Element/ Curse HIT.(optional Hp/Mp gem)

—-!!Remember, when gem can replace the need of skill, skills should learn for other purpose, for example I don't recommend learning Warrior's Wil, why? First It cast double skill point, second I can socket WIL and INT gem why do i need to waste on Skill point!!!—-

—-!!Another thing, when socket, Is +2gem better or +3gem better?? I would say +3. Why? Although +3's price is way higher then +2(50silver) but think about this–> if you want a gear with socket gives +14 INT, using +2 gem need to socket 7(+14int), when +3 only need socket 5(+15int). In the chance matter I would chose +3, obviously.


"Part Eight.(Universal part)"

Ohh Yaaa. Pets part.

Pets are good helper that would help anyone in this game.(That means its a Universal guide again:D)

Everyone wants a Epic pet right? WRONG. some pet are way more precious then epic pet.

lets talk purpose of pet.

1.Protect Master

2.Help assist

3.Attack targets

and we better now something first

Pet can learn limited number of skills





Break it down.

1.protect master

-pet can learn Auto-skill that protect master form(melee/range/Magic/Curse) INDIVIDUALLY. So you can have Four pet that deal with different situation.

Against melee attack=fairy, Azeal pet, Pig,Pets have hp>5000 dodge>250,

Against Range attack=Fairy, Azeal pet

Against Magic attack=Azeal pet,(young)Red dragon, element(flash),Pink pig.


-When I mean assist that equals pet have either play assist+tank or assist.Its kind of hard to build assist+attack.

Secondary Attack—-melee buff

Target————-range buff

Purify————The best assist skill for pet!! I love this skill when my fairy learns it and use for pvp. When Lv18 the range is cross.


-I don't look good as pet to do attack job, although it can still it 3k,4k but either no speed or low on survive.

Melee attacker:Golden sphiex,legend lobo———-use slam.

Range:Fairy,zombie————-use barrage

Magic:Fire element.————use fire spread

For Wizard I prefer to bring two pet. One fairy with melee block and One element with element/curse block.


"Part Nine.—PvP"

PvP makes people excited, red face, shouting bad word all over the chat. Is it really interesting??

Well My self love pvp just for friendly pvp—challange and Empire War pvp. I don't get it why killing and build hatred has anything good.

PvP has two important factor plus one pet factor. Those two are speed and attack(silence,hold,chaos).

Once you control those three you can win the fight.

How is that work?

1.speed, If you know that your opponent will be kill(oneshot) by you, you need to try to have higher speed, or you need to do lower opponent's speed.

2.Attack, It is important when your speed and pet are good, other wise its the least importment factor.Ofcourse if your target has regen HP but your attack power is lesser then its regen then you can't win.

3.Pet~, The most flexable factor, Trying block or assist will change the end.

Lets see what can we do if opponent have….

1.Your opponent use Magic Guard/Invincble/Hiding—->please use pet's purify soul(caution, your pet need to be faster then you)

2.your opponent has magic defense pet and you can't beat it—->please bring a melee pet to finish the pet(its kind of hard since melee pet can't hit more then 4k) are slower and your opponent maybe kill you in one turn——>Raise your HP or bring a pet to block.

4.You are faster but cant kill your opponent in one turn, if they attack you will die—->Wizard please use icicle, melee class use chaos or dragon hammar.

5.your opponent has fury on it, and you can't kill him in one turn.—->Use pet

Just use your various pet and skills to overcome the problem :D


"Part Ten:Ending"

This is the end of my guide. I really likes this game, and I enjoy it. This is only a game, so why people have to build hatred on others and make themself angry or complain those thing already happened? No one is invincible in here, everything has its way of working, limit people pvp cant use pet? can't use this can't use that, then why just don't pvp. There is reason why Lakoo create that item,

If I MoonLite am online, welcome to ask me question, or pvp me(please ask first,except in empire war). If I am not avaliable or afk or busy, please send me a mail to notice me, I will try to help.

People often asks me why I am staying in my empire, I always reply that I have friends there and if I move to another empire then I have to build my relation agin,plus I think no one has the right to force me. but I don't want to find trouble too. Hope everyone learn something and enjoy the game :D



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