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The bottom part are from my BLOG:

Since only guides post here will count as a helpful guide so Lakoo can count the people saying if this is helpful, please feel free to click "I think this is helpful" Lol I will post many different guide on here.

Btw this is 02/2012. Some of my status have changed. I will update new one soon, but I believe this will help as well.


The column below were copied from Lakoo's new forum(,about how to aviod to be scammed, please read it, please, aviod scamming.

Btw, the "we" are referring to lakoo.



Beware, you have been warned!!!

There have been LOTS of scamming cases, do NOT let them get you! Be smart, play smart!

Rules of thumb:


1. Don't trust players you barely, or even players that you know!

ex/ "Hey can I try your weapon for awhile? I promise I will return it"

ex/ "Borrow me your Gold Keys please, I'll buy some tomorrow and send them back"


2. Mailing items or coins: only do it if u know that player personally to be safe.

Never ever trust "items for items" trade, unless you don't care about your items!

We would not interfere in-game transactions, so always keep in mind that trading via "item for item" is never 100% safe.


3. Double, or even triple check the name of the person you are chatting with!

Some players LOVE to add a dot or a letter, or even use similar letters (ex. i and l) to pretend to be one of your friends and try to ask you for items or coins!


4. ALWAYS double check before trading items or purchasing items from players!


5. Never ever share your accounts! It's simply a bad idea!


6. Never give your password or any other account related info to anyone, NEVER!


Even the GM's will NEVER ask for your password, not in game, not in e-mail. NEVER!

If you have been scammed, or suspecting someone is trying to scam you, contact us! We will not tolerate the scammers!"



Starting! Enjoy my guide!


 So lets see the picture of my wizard.

I am not saying my wizard is the best and perfect, but if you can make a character like this, you can do many hard things other wizard cant do.




















The reason why I am full Int, is because i do less pvp now and I think being a attacker my job is to only attack, so resist job let my tank to do it. But i still need some Wil to raise speed and resist, so not every magic attack can kill me.




So starts with skill explain.

Passive skill:


Elemental Mastery lv20 +20element hit/ele resist. Lv21(wiz only) +22 element hit/element resist

Advanced Magic Lv20 (only wiz can learn) +34 element hit.

Wand use Lv20 +295 magic attack +10element hit. Lv21(wiz only) +350 magic attack +14element hit.

Mystery Lv20 +86% MaxMp +30int. Lv21(wiz only) +92% MaxMp +35Int

Magic Learning Lv20 +86%Magic attack +60%Magic defense. Lv21(wiz only) +95% magic attack +65%magic defense.


Ancient Knowledge Lv20 +31%MaxMp +20%magic attack

Wizard's will Lv20 +30Wil +24INT Lv21(wiz only) +35Wil +30Int


The above is the must have skill, master them before master the skills below.(unless you are not wizard class)



Curse accuracy lv20 +20element hit/curse hit

For Lv55 character, this cross class skill is a must have skill.


Warrior's will Lv11 +15Wil/Int

Believe me, Lv11 is enough and most efficient way to use skill points.


Confidence Lv10 +12Wil +10curse resist

Lv11 only add three more Wil, not worth it.


Owl's Wisdom Lv11 +15Wil +11%MaxMP

Both stats we all need, plus Lv11 add 5 more Wil than Lv10.


Fox's Sly Lv11 +15Int +11%Magic defense

Both stats we all need, plus Lv11 add 5 more Int than Lv10.


Pipemanship Lv15 +91%blowpipe attack +36Cri hit

All we need is that 36 cri hit, wizard's cri hurt alot.(with abyss fury =51% cri)

Abyss fury Lv11 +15Cri hit -X% melee def

We don't need to care about melee def because most wizard dont' have much, but 15 cri is a good thing. (with pipemanship =51% cri) (optional)


Auto skill


Surprisingly the most question young wizards ask me is this, what auto skill do we need? well, lets see.




Manatide totem Lv10 +10element hit +110mp to all teammates.(stacks 3 rd)

I recommend to learn this only if you have that luxury Mp to cast, because even element hit is important, if you don't have mp, thats more serious. Manatide is the only skill that add element hit, and a only few skills that add mp to all teammate, so this is an assist buff.


Purify lv1 HP+100 remove poisoning, burning, Down. to all teammates.

Why is this important? 1. it can heal all the teammate  2. and the most important, it can remove DOWN effect!! that means many minus melee def, resist, attack, ele hit can all be erased! like never happened before(some debuff is not consider Down effect) So like the Mermaid pet, its auto will minus 150 element hit and every magic caster will be like....oh shlt. But with this skill, as long as YOU ARE SLOWER THAN THE MERMAID, the mermaid's auto wont effect on you.

Fury lv1 Can't be silence, chaos or hold. -500Hp

Actually I don't usually use this skill..... thinking of deleting it....


Active skills:

Thunderboom Lv1-10 add 20-65 magic attack, full screen attack(foe).

This is the best aoe skill that wiz have, and lv1 is enough. If want more attack, less mp spending than learn to lv10.


Burning hand Lv20 +20 element hit, -100HP, can stack three times. Last three round. Cross range.

Very useful pvp skill or killing boss, there are articles i wrote in my blog discussing acid arrow and Burning hand.

Accid arrow Lv21 +22 element hit, -2%MaxHp, can stack six times. Last six round. single attack.

Useful skill especially pvp for high resist people, and it can stack six times so it can deal alot of damage when boss fight. only drawback is it can only attack on foe.


Magic Damage related to element hit.




So this gear of gear is the fully increase element hit, but still need some magic attack.

430element hit, 3119magic attack
















This is the stats I normally have, the gears maintain element hit at 400, and have 3745 magic attack. Most balance gear to me.


400element hit(399...), 3745magic attack.



This is the one that lower more element hit in order to have higher magic attack.

390 element hit, 3912 magic attack.


This is the build that increased the most magic attack,But with lowest element hit in my build.


















Stats attribution and gem socket:

For the situation now, wizard are mostly used on instance, and now not much mob are using magic attack. (Plus i don't do much pvp now)


So I recommend to put stats to INT, to increase the damage and high attack will enhance the high element hit envy set+ mj lv55 whitw hand gave.


All stats to Int means you will have almost no speed, middle resist(180-220) and higher damage, compare to Wil build.


This way, I gemmed about +84Wil on my gear(4 gears) and +55element hit( 8gears) and +42Int (2 geaers).


Caution! In order to get the best effect of Mj lv55 white hand(and Raistlin judgement wand), the more element hit gem you gemmed, the better. This means you have to spend....many gc into it.





Some screenshot peek first.





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