Tank_Healer/Tanker's Complete guide_Moonlite

The bottom part are from my BLOG:

Since only guides post here will count as a helpful guide so Lakoo can count the people saying if this is helpful, please feel free to click "I think this is helpful" Lol I will post many different guide on here.


So the spirit of the team is not the damage dealer!! Because some of the instance or event the boss just kill one or more people with one whack, so healer/tanker's job is to keep the team survive!!! (Below information will be based on Lv55 character)

Difference between:

Healer: More based on HEAL, which you will have very high in HP and MP, and with heal skill you can regen 25k hp per round. However, the defense component is not healer's major goal, unless you can have 60k hp, than next goal is to have defense.Healer usually team with high HP teammate(warrior, hp>5k player)


Tanker: Tanker is a little bit different. While healer want the highest Hp, your goal is to Max the most part of defense.Melee def, range def, dodge, element resis, curse resis, and armor.

It is almost impossible to have all the above as high, but all we need are 4 of them: Melee def, Range def, curse resist, and element resist. A formal tank that need atleast 6k of melee def and range def, need atleast 200 of curse and element resist. Even defense is important, remember melee and range attack will not be canceled directly, which the tanker can only resist as high as 75% damaged. For example, a attack land on a tanker without melee def can hit 10k, and with 20k melee def the tanker still takes 2.5k damage because of the 75% concealed rule. So that shows HP is important too. A tanker need atleast 20-40k of HP depend on what kind of gem and gear.


In most case, the most melee/range def you need is around 5k to 8k, because it become pointless when the number goes high.(even with 2000k def, you still take the 25% damage)

However, ele/curse resist is another story, why? Because if you have (their ele/curse hit+100) of ele/curse resist, it means it is impossible for them to hit you, IMPOSSIBLE!!!


This is why most of the people will not go for full healer, because if mobs or opponent hit you very hard since you only have hp, and you are using fury to prevent being chaos or silent, you will die pretty quick, high resist will save your auto skill for heal/+resis or def skills.


So let's take a look on what build I like the most.

It is the tanker(85%tank 15%heal)

Since you have 162 points to contribute on your stats,

I recommand (All Wil) or (100Wil,62Con)

And let's see what gear that can make a Powerful tank/Healer:


remember, the +HP% is not add the HP you currently have



Christmas Suit(Cloth with Hat)

This suit will give 3000Hp and 1000Mp, which is impressive ability, and we need that.

Total: +3000HP, +1000Mp


Christmas Suit(Cloth with Hat and Reindeer)(Blessed)

This suit will give 3000Hp, 20%HP,1300Mp and +30Wil/Int and 500 magic defense which is very very very impressive ability, However, it is extremely rare and not practice to have it unless you have too much gc that nowhere to spend.

Total: 3000Hp, 20%HP,1300Mp and +30Wil/Int and 500 magic defense


Angel suit:(Head, cloth, leg, shoe, hand)

This suit gives tremendously amount of HP and resist and also dodge.

Total: +80%HP, +564HP, +50curse/element resist, and 40 dodge.


Rasitlin leg:

This is the leg part which gives the most +% on melee def and HP

+50% melee defense, +10%Hp.


Rasitlin slip on shoe:

This shoe gives most its value on the crazy dodge it add.



Azreal Leg:

This cheap legging is used when your melee defense is enough but need resist.

+15element/curse resist, +10%HP


Azreal earring:

The famous earring that add 50% HP.


Azreal necklace:

Another famous necklace that can add 100%MP


Wil strengthen earring:

When your HP is high and you think you need to work on magic defense or range defense, use this.( caution, your build have to be all Wil in order to have Maximum change)

+10%Wil, +5Wil


Krato's sun shield:

This is my favorite shield, because it gives everything a tank need, except for armor which it doesn't have.

+30% HP, +20%(melee def, range def, magic def)


Apolo's shield:

Cheaper than Krato's sun shield. Gives high armor, and if only want to go max Con.

+15%Con, +25%Hp, 700armor


Medusa's shield.

Only purpose is to increase curse resist.

+10%hp, +100curse resist,-5%speed


Fairy Praise:

The beautiful white robe, and it gives good ability of melee def and Max your HP, weakness is no Armor because it's cloth.

+30% HP, +25% range, melee def.


Angel's hat:

A nurse's hat. Very suitable to gear with Fairy praise, it self add +30% Hp, +8ele/curse resist, and 20dodge.


Dazzle mantle:

Cheap and awesome, gives lots of defense. If your main goal is not HP, chose this.

+200Mp, +50%range defense, +50melee defense


Ire of abyss:

The famous shoulder that are extremely expensive for most of player, but it gives good HP, so chose your ability between defense or Hp.

+50%Hp, +30% melee


Thunderheart pauldron:

It gives good amount of HP and speed , BUT minus too much MP, so not good.

+30%speed, +40%HP, -30%MP


Dark dragon Destroyer:

Super cheap weapon that gives perfect value.

+30Con, +15Str, +15 element resist.


Reversed edge sword D.

Standard tank sword lol, the only weakness is that it gives no HP bonus. And it's a boule handed sword.

+55%range/melee defense, +65dodge, +25ele resist.


Big needle:

If you really need Hp.... Than use this one but not efficient compare with dark dragon destroyer. another is, this weapon add lots of speed so if you need some speed, chose this one.

+400HP,+324 speed



A new sword from christmas event, although it gives incredible amount of stats, HOWEVER, it is not practice. Because the gem number that can gem on this double handed weapon is twice less than one hand weapon plus shield, plus it only give HP/MP bonus while it has no defense no armor no resist at ALL. (Big needle + krato's shield/ apolo shield is better)  So unless you just need HP and MP, Group healer/tanker don't need this weapon. BTW this weapon has no weapon attack either.

+70%HP/MP(not the HP you currently have)


Gold wing necklace:

Lol where did this come from. Hehe most of the people didn't pay attention on this necklace, that it gives 10Wil, so if you can not afford other necklace, than this will be ur chose.

+10Wil, +5 str, +5 cri


Aleph set( only rings, necklace, and earring)

This set(2rings) gives lots of Wil and Int and HP, so if you want Hp and resist on jewelry part, this can be it. better if your skill trend went with +magic defense.

Total(2rings): +60Wil, +44Int, +540HP


Red star ring:

Add lots of Mp, and some Hp( compared with MP, hp is easier to increase)

+3ele resist, +3curse resist, +300Hp/MP


Totem of berserker:

This cloak gives lots of dex, which means add lots of range def and melee def, also dodge.

+60dex, +10%Dex


Holy paladin's scarf:

This is for resist and Hp/Mp, cheaper than dark Phoenix wings.

+10element/curse resist, +200Mp/Hp


Dark Phoenix wings:

Add decent amount of ability, believe it.

+20Int/Wil, +20 dodge, +500HP


Warlord cloak:

The standard tank/healer cloak.

+10%melee,range,magic defense, -10%speed


Lv55 mj suit(don't need hand)

This is when you really want ONE ability to stand out, usually Wil or con.

+45%Con, +45% Wil, +45% Agi, +45% int


Soul toucher:

This shoe gives MP and Hp. Cheap chose.

+225Hp, +200Mp, +7%speed


Blue Bird:

Seems simple but it's generally has greater value than other mount.

+5%Hp, +5dodge, +5cri



It gives extra int and con, but it's usually wizzard's mount.

+20int, +30 con, +15%magic attack


Blessed reindeer:

From Christmas event, it add great mount of magic defense.

+30Inr/Wil, +500 magic def.



From Christmas event, very suitable for tank against magic.

+25Inr/Wil, +400 magic def.


Charming/Pure Camel:

Really not that expensive. they look so cute~

Charming:+300Mp/Hp,+5curse resist

Pure:+5%dodge,+5%magic def


White cloud:

Standard Maguc resist mount. It's from lv50 chest btw.

+10%(magic defense,int,Wil)


Azreal charm, Hp charm, Mp charm, refresher.

Different circumstance uses different charm. General purpose is Hp charm and Az charm.



I can not tell you what to wear and what skill exactly you need, but I will tell the trend, because everyone has their own way of fighting and goal for, don't be limited by the gear and skills guys :)


The main point is your purpose, is it for against magic? If so make it all Wil and Magic defense, I promise you the best wizzard in this game can't touch you(maybe~) but you won't die for sure. Or you want your tank/healer to be the only one standing while boss fight? Make it high on many areas. Your only job is take damage, reviv and heal.(some times use instant kill on boss)





Because many classes can be tank/healer, so its hard to say which skill is a must have, so~ choice your class's skill first.




Passive skills


Wizard Building


Battle Mage\ lv20 +59%Mp

Blood Boost\ lv20 +40%HP

Magic Learning\ lv10 +30%Magic def,    lv20 +60%Magic def

Mastery\ Lv11 +50% MP+15Int,    Lv20 +86%MP +30Int



Warrior Building


Shield Def\ Lv20 +139%shield's def +20% CON

Confidence\ Lv11 +15Wil +11 curse resis, lv20 +30Wil +20curse resis

Holy Faith\ Lv20 +20curse resist +39%Mp

Constancy\ Lv10 +10curse resist +19%magic def,Lv20 +32curse resist +39%magic def

Iron Body\ Lv20 +1790Hp +20%con

Dodge\ Lv20 dodge+79 +5%dodge

Iron Will\ Lv20 +32 curse resist +20Con



Kungfu Fighter Building


Iron Muscles\ Lv20 +35con +20str

Wind walker\ Lv11 +15dex +15agi,  lv20 +35dex +35agi

Increased Stamina\ Lv20 +33con +28%HP

Power of sun\Lv10 +32%HP +5%con,    Lv20 +62%Hp +12%con

Power of Moooon\Lv10 +32%MP +5%INT,    Lv20 +62%MP +12%int

Energy shield\ lv10 +39%Mgaic/range Defense, Lv20 +79% Magic/range Defense

Iron cloth\lv10 +30%melee/range Defense, Lv20 +60% melee/range Defense

Warrior's will\ Lv11 +15Wil/Int.  Lv20 +30Wil/int



shaman Building(some skills only can be learned by shaman)


Wind cloak\ Lv11 Dodge+15% +7%range def, Lv20 dodge+30% +15%range def

Mind Flow\ Lv10 Mp+200, Lv20 Mp+700

Elemental Armor\ lv9 Melee/magic def +14%, lv20 Melee/magic def +45%

Sagacity\ Lv20 Wil +30 element hit+20%

God Body\ Lv21 +40con +35%HP




Hunter Building


Panther's Speed\ Lv11 +15Agi +7%atk spd, Lv20 +28agi +12%atk spd

Cat's grace\ Lv11 +15Dex +7%dodge, Lv20 +30dex +12%dodge

Bull's endurance\ Lv11 +15con +19%HP, Lv20 +28Con +43%HP

Owl's Wisdom\ Lv11 +15Wil +11%Mp, Lv20 +28Wil +24%mp

Fox's sly\ lv11 +15Int +11%magic def, Lv20 +28Int +20%magic def

Lightning reflexes\ Lv20 +35dodge +20%atk spd


More skills coming......


Best PURE tanker's auto is Rejuvention(I forgot how to spell it...). Which heals you 20% hp and 10% mp per rd for 2 rd. If this set as auto and use silent rain it will heal 35% Hp per rd (caution... Silent rain will wash the rejuvention's second rd's effect.)


1st rd :Auto rejuv heal 5000hp, active silent rain heal 4000 9000

2nd rd : Heal 4000Hp(because silent rain has 2 rd effect, rejuv too but silent rain cover its effect) Auto rejuv heal 5000Hp, active silent rain heal 4000 Hp. Total 13000



1st rd :Auto rejuv heal 5000 hp, active none. Total 5000

2nd rd: heal 5000 Hp,auto rejuv heal 5000 hp. active none. Total 10000



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