[Event] Guarantee Deposit for Paypal GC Discount

Event Time: On monthly basis

What is the discount

As some of our players need to purchase Gold Coins in large amount more conveniently, we are delivering discount for such cases.

1. USD200=12% off (For instance, you can get 200x60x1.12=13440gc)
2. USD400=14% off (For instance, you can get 400x60x1.14=27360gc)
3. USD800(or more)=20% off (For instance, you can get 800x60x1.2=57600gc)

Who can enjoy the discount

You MUST have Guarantee Deposit before you (character-based) can recharge via Paypal for the discount. How much you can recharge via this Paypal method is subject to your Guarantee Deposit. For instance, you have Guarantee Deposit of 50,000gc in April, you can recharge not more than 50,000gc via this Paypal method in April.

What is Guarantee Deposit

To have Guarantee Deposit, you must recharge by tapping Shop-Coin first and we deduct the gc accordingly. We will return your gc ASAP within the first week of next month, if you write this month to GM in game to require to stop this purchasing method next month. Your Guarantee Deposit will be invalid and will not be returned if your purchased gc via this Paypal recharging method is delivered while we fail to receive the money for the Paypal order.


1. We accept USD as recharging currency only currently;
2. USD1.00=60 Gold Coins (Applied to the Paypal recharging method here only);
3. Our Paypal account is;
4. As to how to recharge via Paypal, please visit: If you successfully recharged, please write to to elaborate and provide 1)name of server and character ID, 2)screenshot of your successful Paypal transaction order as shown on the above Paypal guidance link. We will deliver the gc ASAP within 24 hours once we can confirm. (There may be delay in public holidays or weekends.)

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