[Event] Paypal for One More Chance

Event Name: Paypal for One More Chance

Event Purpose: Quite some of our players requested for one more chance to unbind or recover. And some of our players could not purchase coins via Shop. So, here comes the chance for you! 

Event Time: No time limit.

Event Content: 

You can have one more chance to recover or unbind, if: 

1. you are one member of the current top 10 empires (as announced on latest Active Player event such as: and the emperor agrees to guarantee for your purchase via Paypal by writing to GM in game, and;

2. you follow the guidance here ( to successfully recharge for Two packages of 29250 SILVER. 

Please note: 

1. The emperor character and the coins receiver character will both be frozen if the silver coins are delivered while we fail to receive the money for the Paypal order (If such case really happens, we will send a reminder in-game mail to the emperor character 3 days before the freezing; the characters can be unfrozen after our receiving of the money); 

2. After the emperor wrote as above mentioned and you successfully recharged, please write to to elaborate and provide 1)name of server and character ID, 2)the full name of item you would like to unbind or recover and 3)screenshot of your successful Paypal transaction order as shown on the Paypal guidance. 

3. Autobound item cannot be unbound as a normal game setting. We cannot recover for you if we cannot find the related system records.

Enjoy! :D

Tips: Each game account has one-time exception/chance to recover one item only as a normal game setting. We won't handle any recovery request after you use this chance if you do not have extra chance for this Paypal event. Thank you. (

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