[Event] Equinox Consumption Weeks

Event Name: Equinox Consumption Weeks
Event Time: 2014-03-19~2014-04-08 server time

Event Content:
It is your golden time to farm when Equinox arrives in traditional Chinese families. To celebrate the special season, we will return 200gc for each 1000gc your character consumes at Shop during our event time.

Event Rewards Delivery:
We will return the gc ASAP within 3 working days after each of the three periods: 2014-03-19~2014-03-25; 2014-03-26~2014-04-01; 2014-04-02~2014-04-08. 

How to calculate: 
eg.: Your character consumes 1200gc at Shop in 2014-03-19~2014-03-25, you will get 200gc returned; your character consumes 800gc at Shop in 2014-03-26~2014-04-01, you will again get 200gc returned since you have 200gc extra in previous period and the 200gc plus the 800gc equals 1000gc in current period. 

Enjoy! :)


Note: 10 silver coins=1 gold coin

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