[Event] Coins for S2 Gear Exchange Ticket

Update 2: On strong request from Maya players, this event will be available on Maya server as well. And event time extended to 2014-04-10 server time. Thank you.

Update: On request from some of our players of Avenger, we relaunch the S2 Gear Ticket event on server Avenger. Do not miss your chance again. Thank you.


Event Time: 2014-04-01~2014-04-10 server time

Server: Avenger + Maya

Event Content: 

1. S2 Gear Exchange Ticket*1 for each 5,000 gold coins recharged during the event time;

2. S2 Gear Exchange Ticket*1 for each 8,000 gold coins consumed at Shop during the event time.

More coins for more tickets. 10 silver coins=1 gold coin.

Rewards will be delivered ASAP within 3 working days after the event ends. Thank you.

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