[Event] Eligible Empires for Active Player Event in Mar'14

Update: [Current Active Player] Avenger: 2889386,294544,1013964,3118338,2639716; Maya: 218057,563220. Thank you. 


Congratulations to the empires below! Please contact GM in game via emperor character ASAP by March 10 to provide representative character ID as nominee. Thank you for your participation. Enjoy! :)



Event Purpose:

For better game experience and environment, we are launching "Active Players for Empires" event. The Active Players are recommended by the emperors of top 10 empires by the last date for each month (server time). Each empire can recommend one representative only with ID of character recommended by contacting our GM in game via emperor character.

What representative does:
1. Gameplay guidance;
2. Bug report;
3. Event or other game-related suggestion or feedback;
4. Others.

What representative gets:
1. Certain gold coins;
2. Certain Shop consumption items;
3. Priority to get new time-limited fashion or mount for free;
4. Others.

What empire gets:
1. Certain Materials;
2. Certain Lv1 enchant scrolls;
3. War protection card*1 and priority to get new time-limited weapon or pet for free;
4. Certain honor medals.

Event Remark:
1. We will review your qualification and contribution and deliver rewards within the first week of each month;
2. Emperor can dismiss representative and representative can leave at any time, and we always welcome your report;
3. Rewards for representatives and empires will be delivered to representatives and emperors, respectively. Rewards may differ between months, empires and representatives. 

1. Emperors need to recommend by the required date of each month as announced in game for our announcement of representative list in game;
2. If necessary, emperor can elaborate by writing to via the email address bound to emperor character's game account;
3. Emperors MUST ask your representative to write to to report once at least to elaborate on what he does in the month. Otherwise empire and representative will not be eligible to win the event rewards for the month.
4. Other players can inquire the representatives on what the representatives do.


Eligible Event Rewards Winners for Active Player Event in Feb'14

Rewards (delivered):


Box Of Joy Lottery*3
Active Player Pack*1;
Senior Gift Pack*1.


War Protection Card*1;
Legendary Pet Gem*2;
Honor Medal*3;
Lv1 enchant scroll*3;


Winner List:



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