[Event]New Year Event!

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1, Jan 1 00:00,2014-Jan 3 23:59, 2014

We will deliver Empire new year's gift irregularly for online players!

Empire new year's gift: You have chance to get a blessing coupon in this gift!


2,Dec 31 00:00,2013-Jan 7 23:59, 2014

Hot sale in Shop! 12% Discount! During the event time, the players who consumed ≥ 3000 gold coins in shop will get 1 Feedback Package. (consumed ≥ 6000 gold coins get 2, consumed ≥ 9000 gold coins get 3 and etc. 10 silver coins=1 gold coin)

Feedback Package: You have chance to get Normal Socket Scroll and other Shop items.


3,Jan 1 00:00,2014-Jan 7 23:59, 2014

Durng the event time, players who stay online ≥ 4 hours a day will get a Happy Package!

Happy Package: You can get Holy Heal Charmx1 100%, have chance to get a pet gem, have low chance to get Legend weapon as Dragon Striker.


 Tips: The rewards of event 2 and 3 will be delivered within 3 working days after these events are finished.

For event 2, players must consume in shop to get the feedback package.

For event 3, your character can be offline and the total online time ≥ 4 hours per day is eligible. The online time cannot be added. For example, player A will get one Happy package if he stays more than 4 hours on Jan 1. If player A wants to get the second package, he should be online more than 4 hours on Jan 2.

Event time is based on Server time.

Happy new year and enjoy!

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