[Event] Instance Event

Event Time: May 17 - May 21

Description: During the event time, you will get one more Instance reward after completing the corresponding mission of these instances as following.

Instance: Wheel Of Fate Instance
Mission: Iirunorny (Daily)
Reward: Award Of Wheel Of Fate Instance

Instance: Abyss Instance
Mission: Open the Tomb
Reward: Abyss Instance Reward

Instance: Orc Instance
Mission: Defeat Orc! (Daily)
Reward: Award Of Orc Instance

Instance: Broken Hearts Instance
Mission: Calm Down! Ao Run! (Daily)
Reward: Award Of Broken Hearts

Tips: You can complete all the four missions everyday to get four corresponding rewards during the event time. And the instance rewards will be delivered ASAP within 3 working days after the event ends.

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