[Event] The Mother's Day Event!

1.Recharge Reward

Event time: May 10 - May 16

Now you'll get one Mother's Day Gift per US50 IAP purchases (character based) within 0:00-23:59 intraday server time, which randomly gives you "Legendary Griffin", "Golden Lion King", "Legendary Alexpanda" or other precious pet upon opening the chest! The more you recharge, the more gifts you will get.

Tips: Recharge reward will be sent to your character in 3 working days.


2. Instance Reward

Event Time: May 10 - May 13

Enter the map of The Mother's Day Event, complete the Instance and you will get rewards as following:

1) Chest of Filial Piety
2) +25000 Pet Exp Scroll
3) Lv40 Chest
4) 4.5w Exp Scroll (Unbound)

Tips: The Chest of Filial Piety will get you a Time-limited Charm and randomly gives you a One-day Fashion, furthermore you have chance to get the Permanent Angel Master Suit or the Permanent Holy Heal Charm.

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