[Event] Gem Socketings for Reward!

Event Time: April 27 - May 3 server time

Event Content: During the event time, every 10 gems (same) you used from the red robot (Easter Shop) in Altonia A (as listed below), we will give 5 (same) back within 3 working days after the event! The more you use, the more we will return! Get new gears without gems or need more gems on your gears? This is a good chance! Don't miss it!

Gems from the red robot in Altonia:

(Non bound) +4 Dodge Gem
(Non bound) +25 Speed Gem
(Non bound) +2% Melee Gem
(Non bound) +2% Ranged Gem
(Non bound) +2% Magic Gem
(Non bound) +1 Critical Hit Gem
(Non bound) +1 Toughness Gem
(Non bound) +20 Rend Armor Gem
(Non bound) +1 Magic Penetrate Gem
(Non bound) +2 Curse Hit Gem
(Non bound) +2% Melee Gem
(Non bound) +2% Ranged Gem
(Non bound) +2% Magic Gem
(Non bound) +3 Curse Resist Gem
(Non bound) +3 Element Resist Gem
(Non bound) +3 Str Gem
(Non bound) +3 Con Gem
(Non bound) +3 Agi Gem
(Non bound) +3 Dex Gem
(Non bound) +3 Int Gem
(Non bound) +3 Wil Gem

Tips: With a success rate of 50% for each socketing after the rate of 100% for the first three socketings, only one kind of gem can be socketed per equipment. The 50% rate means 50% failure and 50% success for each socketing. Failure to socket will damage all the gems socketed before as a normal game setting. Please do not try if you are not ready for possible failure. Good luck!

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