[Event] Sign Every Day!

Important: To participate in this event, your character MUST be Level 30 or above! 

Event Time: 2013-09-02 00:00~2013-09-08 23:59 Server Time

Servers: All servers

Event Content:

We will post a thread EVERY DAY with title such as Sign HERE on 2013-09-02!

To participate in the event, you need to follow the thread by replying with content of blessings for Empire Online or Saga of Conquest ONLY. The content should not violate the forum rules and include more than 20 words not repeated with replying format as following:

Character Name: 
Character ID:

Event Rewards:

1. Lucky Perfect Attendance Reward: Nivana recharge chest*1 + 8,000 silver coins (ASAP within 3 working days after the event ends, 5 winners will be announced and rewarded by selecting randomly among the characters who signed every day during the event time)
2. Perfect Attendance Reward: Summer Value Pack*1 + 2,000 silver coins (the characters who signed every day during the event time will be eligible, excluding the above 5 winners)
3. Participation Reward: Summer Value Pack*1 (the characters who signed during the event time will be eligible, excluding the winners of Perfect Attendance Reward)

Nivana recharge chest*1: You can get time-limited fashion/mount. Also, you have a chance to get Legendary Pet Gem or other valuable items.

Summer Value Pack*1: You can get time-limited fashion. Also, you have a chance to get Gem Chest, Esoteric Chest, Legendary Pet Gem, Hollow or Phoenix Suit.

Event Rules:

1. You need to sign ONCE only every day for a same character of same account on same server. The repeated signing will be ignored.
2. Please reply in suggested format only. If not, in incorrect format or your content is irrelevant to the event, you are not eligible for the event of that day.
3. For the same game account of same server, you only have one chance to win rewards, which means the rewards will be delivered to the character under the game account who signed earliest on that day when more than one characters under that game account signed. (Lucky Perfect Attendance Reward is not limited by this rule)
4. Your character ID should be valid and real and not deleted.

Enjoy! :)

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