Short Introductions of Server arena

Part I
1. Server arena is an independent server from other servers. Go to Nine Dragon and register for the PVP arena.
2. All of your avatars above Lv30 will be copied to this server every week.
3. You can modify your characters in every possible way by not affecting anything in the main servers.
4. Items, skills, coins will not be changed in your main server even if you change them in Server arena.
5. Pvp to win honor poins and we will give honor medals to the according characters in the main server.
6. Honor medal is the only thing to craft Arena rewards, this means the stronger you are, the better equipments you will have.
7. Only Solo PVP and team PVP are allowed. Most social functions are forbidden.
8. Make sure you have sufficient money to enter the arena, For the recharge function is currently not available in server arena. Shops in PK server are open. You can try the ultimate S1 on there! Note:The S1 item becomes auto-bound after crafting.
9. Equipments in server arena need honor points to buy, not only money.
10. Fight wisely and have a good fight! 
Part II
11. You can register for PVP arena once a week only.
12. Registration closes at 00:00 AM Friday (when character data synchronisation starts). Don't miss it!
13. PK Server opens at 00:00 AM Saturday.
14. PK Sever closes at 00:00 AM Monday (when rewards are sent to players).
15. You are not listed on the PK Server Rank unless you have finished 3 battles at least.
16. You may get the reward (1 medal) for winning 10 battles before PK Server closes.
17. You may get 9 medals as rewards if ranked among top 5 (ranked 1~5).
18. You may get 6 medals as rewards if ranked 6~10.
19. You may get 4 medals as rewards if ranked 11~20.
20. You may get 2 medals as rewards if ranked 21~50.
21. You may get 1 medal as reward if ranked 51~100.
22. Characters listed among top 3 on the PK Server Rank will get special title!
Tips:  Since you cannot report in PK server, if you have any problems, please back to your main server to tell us. Thank you. We will improve this in our future versions.  
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