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my physician prescribed Celebrex for hot flashes that were making my life horrible. I was having a flash every 10 minutes and now I have around 5 a day. by OTHA from Denbo, PA

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD after I began experiencing severe panic, anxiety, social anxiety disorders, and having attempted suicide more than once. I was first placed on 5mg of Citalopram (twice a day)and 18 months later my dosage was increased to 10mg (d.i.d.) and I seriously doubt I would be alive today had it not been for Citalopram. I am now on a combination of drug therapies including Citalopram (10mg b.i.d), Buproprion XL (300 mg q.i.d.), Lorazepam (1mg q6h), and Trazedone (100mg at bedtime). I doubt I will ever return to what I consider a normal life, but I am at least able to leave my home now and go to the drug store and grocery store. I still have a great deal of trouble with social events, but that is also due to the fact that I have stage-4-COPD and am on oxygen 24-7 which has taken a huge psychological toll on me. This is not including the physical ravages that past HIV medications have had not only on my physical appearance, but my mental state as well. I was infected with HIV in July 1985, but not diagnosed until February 1986. I have suffered from severe wasting syndrome, lipidystrophy, and lipoatrophy due to the toxicity of the various medications I was on from 1986-2006. by CURTIS from Chocorua, NH

This was the worst! I gave it 2 weeks to start working, it made me way worse than before I was on it! I had a major anxiety attack, couldn't think straight, irritable, couldn't even talk right. Went back on Prozac, hope it works a second time. This one was not the drug for me. by ISAIAS from Kidder, MO

I origanally was prescribed this med for anxiety but now I take it to help me fall to sleep at night. It seems to help me get a good night sleep. by WALTER from Millerton, OK

I started experiencing panic attacks for the first time in my life about a month and a half ago. I didn't sleep for about 1 week. My doc put me on serequel 100mg. each night and clenazepam .5 3x daily. The panic attacks are gone, though I do feel the initial symptoms arize every now and than I can calm myself so it doesn't escalate. The serequel helped me get my sleep back on track too. I have recently lessened my clenazepam dosage to 2 pills per day, I did have irritabiliby side affects from this change. My doc wants me to lessen to 1 pill soon. I may have same side affects as before, but just hope and pray that the panic attacks do not return. I think I have learned some things that I can do to calm myself, but I'm not sure if what I have learned has helped or if it's just the meds. I guess I'll find out as we take more of the meds back down. by CHI from Alfred, ME

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