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The election cycle of 2008 has been characterized by longshot candidates and miraculous comebacks.nMike Huckabee gained the Iowa caucus with virtually no cash and a modest procedure Barack Obama has turned the dominant narrative of the Democratic race from "Hillary the inevitable" to "Hillary the vulnerable." And of course, one has to mention Ron Paul, the Texas congressman with libertarian leanings who elevated over $six million.nnThe most astonishing advancement of all, nonetheless, has been the resurrection of John McCain's presidential marketing campaign. After finding himself at odds with the celebration base over immigration, weathering a shake-up in employees, and paying a summertime with no any campaign money, McCain's withdrawal from the race appeared all but unavoidable.nnAgainst all odds, McCain rallied his campaign and renewed his coffers via nonstop retail politicking throughout the early principal states. This tactic gained him a get in New Hampshire and a flood of free of charge media protection.nAs McCain stands ready for the South Carolina principal (commanding a wholesome nine-stage guide in countrywide polls), Republicans and conservatives alike should ask the question: What does McCain offer as a presidential candidate?nWhile Mitt Romney emphasizes his company qualifications, Rudy his law-and-purchase method to governance, and Huckabee his concern for the regular voter, McCain has 3 key offering factors: his character and private integrity, his encounter in issues of foreign plan, and his leadership on the issue of fiscal self-discipline.nnCertainly, at very first glance, these factors make for a extremely persuasive circumstance. Unfortunately for Senator McCain, nearer evaluation raises serious concerns about the nature of a McCain presidency.nThe character issue is undoubtedly a wise move for McCain's campaign it showcases one of his most impressive characteristics. McCain is well-identified for the braveness and fidelity he exhibited as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton, and he has an similarly effectively-deserved track record for integrity as a Senator.nnUnfortunately, McCain also has the inclination to make every single political situation into one particular of private integrity. This is the cause that he stubbornly persisted in pushing for an amnesty invoice to abandon it would amount to a betrayal of his private political code.nHowever, an elected agent of the American individuals is dependable not only to his possess ethical compass, but also to individuals who elected him. Would President John McCain do an about-confront and out of the blue handle the considerations of the voters with the concern he did not grant them during his time as senator?nnnMcCain's national safety and foreign plan bona fides are certainly impressive his experience puts Hillary Clinton's purported experience in a extremely insignificant light. Moreover, McCain has been a veritable Rock of Gibralter on the situation of Iraq when numerous of his colleagues were completely ready to abandon the war, McCain stood organization.nSenator McCain's stance was vindicated as the surge began dispelling the chaos and returning Iraqi neighborhoods to relative normality.nnAs the surge winds down, most specialists concur that the bulk of our army operations have been concluded in Iraq. Other considerations lie in advance-the belligerence of Iran's mullahs, Kim Jong-Il's nuclear stockpile, climbing economic powerhouses in South America and Asia, and a Russia uncertain of its potential and its spot in the globe.nnDespite the urgent nature of these concerns, the majority of McCain's dialogue of international policy has dealt with Iraq. It is laudable that McCain was proper about Iraq, but other troubles are looming on the horizon. Instead than clarify in detail how they need to be dealt with, McCain is concentrating on the images in the rear-look at mirror.nnWhatever McCain's shortcomings, his status on fiscal restraint and dependable shelling out is sterling. In fact, Tom Coburn, the foremost pork warrior in the Senate, has just lately announced his endorsement of Senator McCain's presidential bid. Without a doubt, McCain has fought and carries on to fight porkbarrel spending as fiercely as he resisted the senators who referred to as for a navy withdrawal from Iraq.nHowever, opposing frivolous investing is not enough to spur economic enlargement prolonged-time period growth is ensured by retaining taxes lower and penalties light-weight. In the course of President Bush's initial expression, McCain opposed slicing taxes as strongly as he supports them today.nnJohn McCain continues to be a larger-than daily life figure in nationwide politics a male of integrity, a patriot, and an American hero in the truest feeling of the term. He is not, nevertheless, the prospect ideal suited to serve as the following President of the United States. His own rationale for his candidacy raises serious inquiries about the agenda that a McCain administration would pursue below his leadership.nAs Republicans cast their votes in the South Carolina major, they would do nicely to bear in mind McCain's history and past selections on these troubles. Even with his a lot of admirable attributes, a President McCain would be a grievous blunder the male basically arrives with too much baggage.

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