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Like all my posts they will be long, and like all my posts I tend not to recieve sufficient feedback. You say the game is "free-ium" meaning those who don't spent $ have the same chance and abilities as those who spent $, yet the game you've created isn't free-ium at all.

There are 2 significant problems with the game, one seems to be lakoo being a bunch of idiots and one seems to be flawed thinking.

Lets examine the first, flawed thinking. Players buy silver (now gold) or somehow make $ at events (there is no way for new players to make $ at events because no noob is getting strong enough to join elite teams to beat elite foes) which they use to skill. Some players can sell copper for 1m:12 gold to make silver, but this is simply outrageous to assume that a player can properly skill, gear, gem, enchant, and now (DUMBEST THING EVER) get cards (CARDS ARE FOR GRADE SCHOOL KIDS). So what happens is there is seemingly x amount of gold and silver and this gold and silver is being spent and eventually is used to skill characters and pets. New gold and silver is added to the game by either purchasing or via monthly empire rewards. In order to maintain the economy, you must have equal income coming into the game as leaving, if not the economy suffers. Hopefully, the income into the game is used to open chests in order to keep gear and equipments etc at a rate where players are able to afford what they require. However, that doesn't happen. Players have less and less income due to the drop in the economy and the response is a decrease in price of certain goods (gems, certain enchants, lesser gear) but this isn't always the response. Due to low low drop rates the market is split into really expensive items (dg mount, certain capes, certain enchants, certain pets) and very very cheap items. This is a disaster for all players. Players are not buying items, players are selling a lot of items at prices that are below the value of the good. Lets take the two most popular and "best" weapons in the game, the perd axe and the royal sword. These items are the desire of 90% of melee players, these goods are rather hard to get but as of last week perd axe was selling 300-350 gold while royal sword was equally low. It takes players more gold and time to open and sell than these elite items are worth. Players are unable to afford these weapons at their value, so value is decreased and players buying them get them cheaply (but players selling them arent making the real value). So the economy drops, items are cheap everyone can buy regular to good equipment, however, this gear isnt strong enough for elite quests. Then when elite gear hits the market say evil wings (4-5k gold) a player has to find and sell 12-18 royal swords/perd axes to be able to afford this. The economy is flawed, if you think emperors are "investing" into the market youre strategy is flawed. The idea that emperor would open chests, feed economy, keep gold flowing, keep gear cheap but not rock bottom prices. Without the flow of tapjoy gold or some sort of outside influence, economies are gone. Emperors just use their gold to gem, which doesnt add to the economy, doesnt help market. You want gear to be available but you dont want 90% of gear to cost 300 gold and 10% of gear to be 10k... this is how the economy in the HK game works. So even if a player gets lucky and finds a perd axe and sells it for 250 gold (tp prices are above the WC prices) they cannot afford the gear lakoo requires you to have to compete with top instances/top events. So where is this philosophy from? A balanced economy, where the players are able to get a perd axe, sell it for 300 gold and that gives them one cross class skill lol Like where is the sense... lets add the fact that a player obviously needs 1+ pet.. pets aren't cheap to skill either. So the game basically zaps out the economy and tanks the game. With fewer and fewer players, there are fewer and fewer gears on tp, but this isnt an economic system where the lesser one good is available the more it costs, no no no, this is the equipment is very hard to get and worth very little so players don't bother opening chests or are unable to do events/instances that could get the an 500-1000 gold item. Your economic system isn't a balance of give and take, its a nose dive. Without maintaining gold and silver, you cannot maintain items reaching tp/market place, you cannot get players to open chests because gold is so tight, you cannot expect to charge 350 silver per abyss attempt only to expect the player to spent another 200 silver to open the chest afterwards. Lakoo economic system is very flawed, is not hard to fix, its rather simple. Emperors aren't opening chests, emperor hoard gold for elite items which they get from other elite players or generals or emperors.. gold might flow between top elite players, but there is no trickle down. You've created three economies, the rich to rich, the rich to middle players who are strong enough to help the elite and need to get lucky to stay middle to upper class, and finally the poor who need to spent hours scrapping by to get copper to then trade for 12 gold per mil.. that's a joke. Players who don't spent money, and who are not associated with emperor's or rich players just cannot skill or keep up and quit. They quit, and eventually the middle class and the rich quit. The rich will quit because the game is expensive and if they want to make weapon or open chests, you totally screw players over and make drop rates% low and make perfectng rates incredibily low, Then the middle class become the poor, they are unable to sell any good (even at a cheap price) to the poor so they become poor and accumulate useless items and are unable to sell, unable to keep any sort of income, or keep up with the jones'. So what is lakoo's big idea, where is their economy design, why doesn't it work.

Second points, are you stupid to make more servers.. YES.   I've seen DJ post to try and defend the making of a new server and lets face it, you cannot defend it. To paraphrase  DJ says "players wanted a new server because they basically cannot catch up to older players and if they want to make an empire it is impossible to catch up with the top ones" well no shit. Thats the game you made.  So everyone is in arcadia, everyone is divided into two alliances, with very very few outliers. There are for argument sake 10k players in arcadia who login more than 3 times a week, and say 10k more who login less than 3 but more than once. These players somehow do not fit into their alliance, because they either dont care or have been somehow excluded or just want to come onto EO and go on world chat and be a dumb idiot role player. So what happens, instead of keeping players in a single server, which means that server is active (has a decently healthy economy) Lakoo for the dumbest reason ever presented (PLAYERS WANTED A NEW SERVER CAUSE THEY COULDNT HANDLE THE ARCADIA ONE) split the game.. Seemingly this is how it should have went, new players would be given the choice of arcadia or bosnia, while players who sucked or were hunted or harassed out of arcadia for pvping/scamming/trolling ran away to bosnia where they could make new identities and restart. Lets say 1/3 of all players left, what happens is that the # of players comming into the game are spliy and the # of players leaving greatly outnumbers those comming in so it compounds. Im not saying good players didnt leave arcadia to start their own empires in bosnia cuz they wanted to be emperor and have their own chance of being powerful and elie, but you ruined the game. There was no reason for it, there still is no reason to make maya server, but some idiot thinks that oh lets give players another chance and have them spent $ on skilling new pets and characters... im sure lakoo has very smart people, people who went to good school, have backgrounds in computers, law, and probably economics but video games work like kindergarden. If a person leaves the cirle, kids will follow, and they wont follow the kid to a new sever, they will follow the player out of the first circle and go do something else. The lesser players in one server, the least likely others are to play, or login or even spent their $.. the more people who want to go to new server doesn't equal to the $$ you lost by separating the servers.  I do not understand this dumb dumb dumb logic, who came up with these horrible ideas? please i want them to defend their ideas...

What you need to do is keep all players in one server, and simply create a system of balances. Instead of finding dumb knee jerk solutions, find answers. Making maya is just proof that bosnia didnt work, why do you need another server? why was it created so soon after bosnia, did bosnia fail? did those who left arcadia to go to bosnia now faling and want to try a 3rd time? Those players are unable to come back to arcadia because they have fallen behind.... actaully many players cannot come back, even those who took a few months off and want to play again, are unable to play because they cannot catch up to arcadia players again... they dont want to play in bosnia or maya because their friends are not there to play with... so i want to know these dumb answers if they are based in dumb people, dumb solutions, or just are a trial and error and failed miserably and yet lakoo repeats them??


Here are a short list of other suggestions:

1. Hunters and Axe shamans are the strongest classes, there isn't any doubt, but why does Lakoo feel like giving Warrior class an attacking auto will be enough? This doesn't solve the problem, its simply is a dumb reacting to a problem. Hunters auto attack should recieve -phit increase, while Axe assault should have a hold effect. Why can shaman assault not hold while warrior and artificer assaults hold?

2. The release of new fashions is excellent, it certainly generates $ for lakoo, but why have 100+ temp fashions available and not have an option to turn your fashion into another (keep stats, change looks) like a merge.

3. Why do all elite quests require exactly the same strategy? Art candle auto, tank's with high resist and healing + % damager. Like RPM, Sky 3, Lust, Halloween Elite.. The Nian is perfect, it requires team of wiz(or attacking auto) and tank and melee. Can we be more creative and not rinse and repeat. Requiring 3 tanks + az pet or slow % damager is boring and the same every intance/event.

4. Unlike most, I feel that classic events should be repeated. Simply just re-load gundam and nian yearly.

5. Why are the harpi (dominatrix, princess or whatever you want to call it) and Blue Dog (chip dog or dg pet) so overpowered? I know cap is lvl65 and pets should be stronger to be more useful but the answer is pet skills and not creating 2 pets that dwarf everything in the game. Capes and Mounts seem to be fairly balanced but having harpi pet 1500 speed more than any pet, and 600 dodge more than any pet, and more hp than all but demon is simply outrageous. It's short sighted, its disrespectful.


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