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It is rightly considered a link between The East and The West. Instead, two of the towers were used as prisons and the rest were used to store some of the vast Turkish state treasury.

When the direction of the long wave cycle changes to a deflation economy, the GREATER DEPRESSION is not far behind. To say its history is overwhelming is an understatement. While in Istanbul, Oprah threw a party for her guests at the Ciragan Palace Hotel complete with a traditional Ottoman Mehteran band and whirling dervishes.

The garden was looked after by numerous servants and had gazelles, peacocks and other exotic animals, creating an atmosphere of paradise. I randomly walked behind the Hagia Sophia and ended up at the entrance to Topkapi Palace. There are so many procedures involved when one is buying a house.

This dish is made from a very thin pastry called yufka, which is stacked up in layers and filled with various fillings like meat and cheese. It's a debt instrument on the commodity exchange called Euro dollars - not the Euro currency. It is important to know that many of Istanbul's stray cats aren't afraid of humans.

Two connected Turkish Straits separate the continents of Europe and Asia, and the narrowest point is in the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

Kofte are the delicious meatballs you'll find sold in restaurants all over Turkey. Sile is a beautiful sea side resort of Istanbul with white sand beaches. If apartment for sale istanbul you want to book a hotel in high season you need to do it or months prior to your visit. An often underrated tourist destination is definitely Istanbul, Turkey.

The Tunel stations at both ends are works of Turkish art, with blue tiles covering the walls. The festival offers discounted items and a wide range of events around the Istanbul. People commute from Asian part to European and vice versa by using its famous commuter ferries.

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