New Server Event

is there a new server? i dont see a new server.

if this event is for arcadia and bosnia i dont know how u gonna judge the winner fairly for first class to reach lv62.

and both servers have low players intake and its not wise for a new server.

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    M May

    New server is Maya. As if 2 servers for a dying game is stupid enough. Lakoo with their great common sense, decided to add a third. This game needs more people. Not a few with many accounts. Yet, they want to thin it out by, spreading out the population on many servers

    .How bout just giving each big emp a personal server *rolleyes*


    The only thing I can think of why this would make sense is that they save money on using multiple cheap servers than using big one with better quality?  

    I should just quit and use the money I throw away on this crap to not get the one item I seek, and use it to buy three ps4's in the future.

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