Is there setting to turn off new options

Was wondering if there was way to turn off new quest log you just added on right side of game screen. I find it annoying taking up space, especially since there is already a quest log at upper left of screen. lol?

Also would like to turn off little face that pops up on bottom left of screen telling me to use my skill points. And seems to just stay there until I do? Yes, I know I have skill points to use, and now I don't feel like using them because it feels like you want to just annoy me til I say f' it! and use silver to make it go away.

I understand you want to make this a special game, as some of it really is. But step back. You don't have to add 134533 things to make it seem like your improving it by leaps and bounds. But sometimes, less is more. "Quality or Quantity?" keeps coming to mind after every new addition, event, or version that comes out.

Ohh... and please fix android version. XP

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    M May

    Also, which was by far the worst idea you have done.

    Is move the skills shortcut in battle from the left side, to the right.

    This might seem like a very small and unimportant detail and that I sound like a lazy bum.

    When the game requires thousands, even tens of thousands of kills. It effects players. Monsters show up on the left side of battle screen. Having to move to the bottom right of the screen back up to the left side is no fun x10000+ . Might as well just get rid of the shortcut feature and go back to the old way of clicking the action button, which as of now is closer.

    Please think about changes you make. 1) do we really need to make it   2) does it really make the game better?  3) common sense

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