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Hello Lakoocs, It seems that now you are worried about the severe decline in silver purchases you may now want to try and save the game you ruined over the last year. First of all, there is a reason there are forums and they are not being adequately used by lakoo staff. Instead, lakoo uses the forums to post jibberish and copy pasted answers, which never answer the actual question but instead make players increasingly mad. These answers are vague, copy-paste generalized bullshit designed not to answer anything but instead delay action or suggest that the problem would be looked into. Whether it be people who have issues with bug, scammers, or crashed all lakoo forum does is ask the player to email What the hell is that? The forum is suppose to be used to solve problems, air concerns, and find resolutions instead its all just bullshit. You take a complaint that is reasonable and then tell the player who took Time and effort to post it on the forum that they must spent more time now dealing with the useless department that is These people are just as brain dead in their copy paste answers as the forum moderators... We will pass it on to the relevant department -> really? So no follow up? So no comment on the problem itself, just you being lazy and again forwarding things along to another department. So basically players post in forum then get referred to and now their comment/concern/complaint is passed on. Saying a problem is passed on to another department is separating yourself from any responsibility to fix the issue. For example if I have a problem with a bug, i don't want some idiot customer service person to say they forwarded it, i want the person who got the forwarded response to address my issue and acknowledge the issue exists and then tell me it will be resolved by a certain date. This isn't a game related issue, its nothing a developer can fix, its not a response to the shitty shitty events or instance lakoo has put out in the past year. Its not about how unbalanced the classes are, its not about how i can break x99 hp gems and not a single gem will get to 5 sockets. Its not how simple and lack of effort events look or the rip off that is abyss!!! Its not even about how bad of an idea it was to make two servers for no damn reason to split players and cause to collapse of the game. Nope, the first thing players deal with when they have a problem is the customer service department and when that department shows disrespect, lack of concern, lack of effort, lack of a damn brain. Guess what. Players see a company that doesn't care and they stop caring. They stop playing your game and therefore you make no money because there are no players playing your game. The more players that leave your game the more players will follow them and eventually there will be so few players playing that when they log on and see only 2-3 active people in their empire they will log off and not play the game at all. So do yourself a favor, next time you want to ask the community what is the numerous problems they have faced and why they don't buy silver. Please use the forum. Damn it, email me and ask me what i want done. Email players who care. Use the forum and empire junkies community to find a better game. Spend more time and effort on your events. And please you damn fools do not make the card system. Cards are for elementary school kids who are in grade 2-4 and play cards at lunch or on recess. These are adults who buy silver not kids and we don't want to play with stupid cards. Dumb dumb dumb cards. Grow up lakoo. We don't want the stupid bullshit cards. Its a horrible idea. Simply horrible. Its stupid stupid. Card is a stupid idea so just cancel it. And if you want to make players a little more happy make abyss free. That is just too bullshit. We open chests and challenge abyss for $. Get real. Get a clue lakoo. -Cots
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    Lee Cotterill
    1. Card feature sucks. End that idea please. Its horrible we are not in grade 4.
      1. Why the hell did you move the skills bar to the bottom right hand side. Are you stupid? You've now placed two attacking quick setup buttons right on top of the escape button. iPhones and mobile devices are small, people are going to use their thumb and click escape. This is a bonehead move.
      2. Why isn't abyss free. Charging silver to fight abyss reflection is garbage. The low drop rate of the items to turn in to get reflection battle is garbage. The fact that abyss stones do not drop and players are required to buy 200 silver keys on top if their abyss reflection purchase is total garbage.
      3. The game costs are very high, people pay probably 40-50$ to skill their character and another 40$ to skill each of their pets. Players are then required to get silver to upgrade their gear, and spent $$ on perfecting/strengthening process. Its just $$ on top of $$ players are sick of it.
      4. The fun of the game is in leveling to level 35 and then questing once 55+. Yet lakoo seems to not understand the boring nature of grinding and leveling pets, so you present players with scrolls with cost silver and barely accomplish anything.
      5. Players should have more fashion options, its not a balancing issue it is strictly personal preference.
      6. Why can shaman's axe hold foes yet they do not have to pay the cost like warrior assault and arti assault of being held? Seems a little unfair. Balancing classes and balancing pets is lakoo's #2 problem. Lakoo has done a terrible job balancing the game and players do not want an unfair game. They worked hard to build their kungfu or warrior or wizards and spent good $. And you tell these players that their classes are useless and are out damaged, out powered, out classed by hunters and axe shamans who have cookie cutter gear and cookie cutter sockets and build and lvl1-2 enchants. Come the hell on.

    And you wonder why your game is falling apart, your players are leaving, players who have left are not coming back, players see their friends go and they in turn leave the game and all of the $$ you could have made goes with these players curse you refuse to listen or acknowledge the community, their problems, concerns and desires for a better game. You your forums more productively lakoo. Use it to provide information and good non copy paste answers. Players are just going to continue to leave and you are
    Doing nothing about it. Nothing productive anyways. Instead of make a stupid tweak to the shortcut skills menu which is so dumb. Then you released way way way overpowered pets. Like come the hell on. Balance the game. Balanced all pets equally.

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    Kevin Michael Farro

    Cots I totally agree. Not everyone can get on here and have patience to post there feelings because they feel like lakoo doesn't hear their cries. Hey lakoo, your game is failing within a year Arcadia will be a deserted wasteland. You guys are destroying this game your cs is horrible for expample: about 4 days ago I had received a scammed item in a trade almost an hour later my account was totally frozen I emailed lakoo and asked what the meaning of this was they explained to me I had recieved a scammed item and the only way I'd get unfrozen if I agreed to let the item go back to the scammed player I replied yes take the item just unfreeze my account they took the item but my account is still frozen like wtf are you kidding me who's the victim now not only did I lose out on my traded items but my account wasn't unfrozen as promised and they expect for us to keep recharging silver. We don't go to work everyday to get paid and automatically spend on lakoo. You guys don't understand I this game isn't fixed and players suggestions are put into play this game will fail very fast customer service is everything wherever you go or do whether it be a game on iOS or multimillion dollar corporations it's everything if the consumers aren't treated right they will move along.

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