Blazed11 scamming 4mat please support and attach the files every testimonials counts!

Dear Admin,
My friend was scammed by a player named Blazzed11 35k gold.
i hope you can assist him ill send all the information needed. i just want to help a friend. 
according to him he send it to blazed11 with this time and date 08/09/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy) , gc send by account name meomeo™
i know you can recall and investigate that meomeo™ send gold on that day and blazed11 also got gc on same date.

ill send a couple of screen shot for account info and details. also a lot of people is being scammed by this guy and he always get away from it.

I just hope you guys can do something about it. what i will do i will make is make a forum and let all the people he scam to testify.

we just want this player to be banned. 

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    please see all screen shots. ill post more prof of blazed11 scamming people.   

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