Dark Mistress

It's interesting that a lot of the women who write to me are more worried about their husband's emotional feelings about the woman with whom he's cheating (we'll call her "the mistress " in this article) than they are about how he feels about her physically. Many tell me things like "I can deal with him being unfaithful, but I can not deal with him actually loving her." I understand this. Society is often more accepting of men straying because of physical reasons, but most feel that the emotional bond and closeness should be reserved for his wife.
There are a LOT of historical examples , because European aristocratic marriages were almost always purely political. It was generally accepted that the husband and ( though less tolerated ) wife would take lovers to provide the emotional fulfillment they would not be getting from their marriage. It was usually considered mistress webcams bad form to be public about it, but not always. In some countries, such as France, the mistress was even something of a semi-official position. Formalizing and legitimizing it made things less awkward in public, and it also made it easier to keep tabs on any illegitimate children that might one day contest the throne.Mistress
Which one is she, slutty witch or good witch? Which is the real Paula Broadwell? Such are the unsophisticated questions the nation always asks itself about women at the center of sex scandals, just as if we all had never met anyone who has had an affair or read about such a thing in a novel, and did not understand that these situations are often complicated. Is it possible that Paula Broadwell walked her two sons to the bus stop and then went home and wrote threatening emails to another woman who was or wasn't also having some kind of relationship with Petraeus. Possible and in fact probable.
That was last night. Today, as I write this, I wonder if those "whys" I found myself so captured by have satisfactory answers. I'm sure there's some meaningless, academic trope one could use to answer those questions - stuff about local identity and self esteem and other obscure ideas buried deep in psychology journals that nobody's ever going to read - but I am beginning to think that those questions aren't even deserving of an answer. "Why do I care?" How about "why does it matter why I care. The fact remains that I do"
The Bones actor admits he cheated on his wife of nine years, Jaime Bergman. He claims he's coming clean publicly to out an unnamed mistress who's trying to extort him. The 40 year old actor says the woman contacted an attorney and threatened to go to the media with their story. The alleged extortion plot sounds somewhat similar to David Letterman's extortion saga in which he a former CBS news producer threatened to expose the Late Night host's affairs with staffers if he didn't pay $2 million. Like Boreanaz, Letterman beat Robert Halderman to the punch and outed himself on national television.
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