Did Qaddafi Really Order Mass Rapes? Or Is The West Slipping Victim To A Viagra-energy Fraud?

Is massive rape a resource of Qaddafi-or of war propagandists?nPost SUMMARY:nAfter all the other faux tales utilised to whip up public assistance for wars, you'd feel we had realized some thing. Evidently not, judging from the media's unquestioning spreading of statements that Qaddafi ordered Viagra-fueled rapes-statements that search doubtful beneath even a little scrutiny.nIs Muammar Qaddafi striving to save his authorities-and his daily life-by encouraging mass rape? Does that make feeling? Personally talking, if I had the planet presently from me, and was hoping to keep whatever assistance I could amongst my personal folks, that would not be my preferred course of action.nIt appears as well nuts. Even so, that is the infamy of the working day against Qaddafi.nAs we described in a lengthy evaluation of the correct reasons driving the NATO bombing campaign, initiatives to rally world view powering taking away Qaddafi from energy have currently integrated advertising of promises that Qaddafi personally purchased the Pan Am 103 bombing (no evidence has been created public), and that a woman was raped by militia backing Qaddafi (no evidence was produced general public-nor was there any assert that Qaddafi experienced been linked to it, but the tale was massive information close to the globe.) Now, issues are becoming ratcheted up, with the subsequent claim that it's not just one woman but hundreds -and that Qaddafi is personally guiding this.nIf accurate, this would of course make Qaddafi out to be even more of a monster than he is already perceived to be. It would very likely perform a remarkable position in persuading normally opposed customers of the international general public to assist the NATO bombing campaign. And maybe even an overt expansion into what it truly is-a thinly disguised invasion/coup.nSo, what are the particulars on the latest claims?nHere's the Washington Post's site:nIn March, a Libyan female named Iman Al-Obeidi burst into a Tripoli resort to tell journalists she experienced been raped at the fingers of the militia of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi.nAt that time, Blogpost reported that Libyan physicians who handled woman rape survivors said they experienced located Viagra and condoms in the pockets of lifeless professional-Gaddafi fighters.nQuick issue: why are "doctors" who are managing rape survivors going through the pockets of fighters? Who are these medical doctors? Are the lifeless troopers processed by the identical medical doctors who see rape victims?nLet's carry on with the Washington Publish:nAmnesty Intercontinental unveiled a assertion that stated Libyan authorities should "instantly launch an unbiased and neutral investigation."nLibyan officials did little to look into, but the International Criminal Court docket did, and investigators now say they have evidence that Gaddafi requested mass rapes and purchased containers of intercourse medications to encourage troops to attack women, pan-Arab information site Al-Arabiya described. nBy the way, how conveniently available are massive quantities of Viagra in Libya? Has any individual seemed into this-or bulk purchases? Back to the Submit:nChief ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo stated he might ask for a new charge of mass rape to be produced towards Gaddafi, his intelligence chief, and 1 of his sons following the new proof.n... "Now we are receiving some details that Gaddafi himself made the decision to rape, and this is new," Moreno-Ocampo advised reporters.nMoreno-Ocampo explained hundreds of females experienced been raped and verified the doctor's statements about Viagra-type medicines.n"The rape is a new facet of the repression,"the prosecutor said. "It was really negative - past the limits, I would say."nBased on this, I went to search up the unique Al Arabiyah report, which as you can see was in fact not an Al Arabiyah report but from the subsequent wire services:nBy AGENCE-FRANCE-PRESSEnUNITED NATIONSnInvestigators have proof that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi ordered mass rapes and acquired containers of sex medication to motivate troops to assault girls, the main ICC prosecutor mentioned.nLuis Moreno-Ocampo stated he might request for a new charge of mass rape to be created from the Libyan strongman following the new proof.nThe Worldwide Prison Court's main prosecutor is expecting a choice from judges inside of days on his request for expenses of crimes towards humanity to be laid in opposition to the Libyan leader, one of his sons and his intelligence chief.n"Now we are obtaining some info that Qaddafi himself made a decision to rape and this is new," Mr. Moreno-Ocampo told reporters.nHe explained there were reviews of hundreds of girls attacked in some regions of Libya, which is in the grip of a months-extended interior rebellion.nThere was evidence the Libyan authorities purchased "Viagra-type" medications and gave them to troops as component of the official rape policy, Mr. Moreno-Ocampo mentioned.n"They ended up buying containers to improve the probability to rape ladies," he mentioned.n"It was never the pattern he utilised to handle the population. The rape is a new factor of the repression. That is why we had uncertainties at the commencing, but now we are far more confident that he made the decision to punish utilizing rape," the prosecutor mentioned. "It was extremely negative - outside of the boundaries, I would say."nMr. Qaddafi's routine had not earlier been identified for using rape as a weapon towards political opponents and Mr. Moreno-Ocampo mentioned he had to discover evidence that the Libyan leader experienced given the purchase.nIn March, a Libyan woman created international headlines when she entered a Tripoli lodge and stated she experienced been raped by Qaddafi troops.nIman al-Obeidi was detained but managed to escape from Libya. She ended up in Qatar but was deported again from there to rebel-held Libya. She is now resting at a refugee centre in Romania.nMr. Moreno-Ocampo issued arrest warrants last month towards Mr. Qaddafi, his son Seif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi. ICC judges are to announce in times whether they agree to the expenses.nnThe Libyan federal government does not acknowledge the international court's jurisdiction.nOk,so it is not, as the Washington Publish produced it seem to be to its audience, an first report from an Arabic language publication. It's merely them carrying a report from the European wire support Agence France-Push (France currently being 1 of the leading members of the coalition seeking to travel Qaddafi out), which in turn was just dutifully reporting what Moreno-Ocampo stated at his push conference at the UN. No indicator that anyone expressed any wholesome skepticism.nBut appear. Here's the very exact same news support Agence France-Press, as revealed in the Australian paper the Herald-Sun, the following working day:nA UN human legal rights investigator has solid doubts in excess of claims by the chief ICC prosecutor of proof that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi had ordered mass rapes. nThe International Criminal Court's Luis Moreno-Ocampo experienced stated right now that there was proof the Libyan authorities purchased "Viagra-type" medicines and gave them to troops as component of the official rape policy.nBut Cherif Bassiouni, who is major a UN legal rights inquiry into the predicament in Libya, recommended that the declare was element of a "huge hysteria".nnMr Bassiouni informed journalists that he had read people promises when he frequented rebel-held eastern Libya. But when he went to Tripoli, "the same tale will come up".n"This time it really is the authorities individuals telling us, 'you know what? The opponents have a policy of rape, we have discovered that they are offering out contraceptives and Viagra pills'," he recounted.n...The investigator also cited the scenario of a lady who claimed to have despatched out 70,000 questionnaires and obtained 60,000 responses, of which 259 reported sexual abuse.nHowever, when the investigators asked for these questionnaires, they by no means gained them.n"But she's likely about the planet telling all people about it ... so now she acquired that data to Ocampo and Ocampo is convinced that right here we have a prospective 259 females who have responded to the simple fact that they have been sexually abused," Mr Bassiouni explained.nHe also pointed out that it did not appear to be credible that the lady was in a position to send out 70,000 questionnaires in March when the postal support was not working.nNevertheless, the investigator stated his crew will analyze the promises.nn"We're likely to go again and we're likely to search at it," he said.nFor the second, the team has only heard of a few instances.nn..."For the moment the numbers are very restricted, but they've had a incredible socio-psychological influence on culture. Everybody's speaking about it. That is the place we're at," mentioned the investigator.nThe authentic allegation obtained a lot of enjoy. Not the uncertainties. Even though they arrived via the exact exact same information firm. How 'bout that!nControl of details, including psychological operations and propaganda, has constantly been a central resource in war. The perennial failures of the Western media to do correct examining before spreading these kinds of stories (or following, even) assists describe why the community stays forever in the dark.n nGRAPHIC: sitenRead far more posts on WhoWhatWhy »nThis submit originally appeared at WhoWhatWhy. Copyright 2013.

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