Lakoo Step Up Your Game, This GAME Is Awful

Dear Lakoo,

You've made some very bad decisions recently, for whatever reasons: money or lack of insight into how the game is being played. These decisions have greatly changed empire online, or whatever you tried to re-name the game.

Let's quickly talk about the most obvious problems:

1. SERVE CHOICE. As mentionned before players should be given option of which server to choose and not be automatically clicked into Bosnia server. You can place Bosnia on top of the 2, but when I logged into a new game on a new phone my character selection screen should not be automaticaly in Bosnia. Players should be given the choice of Bosnia or Arcadia with a quick explanation of the differences between the servers.

2. YOUR SHITTY EVENTS. This one is obvious. Last year Halloween, Thanksgiving, Abyss were fun events. This year they are shit.

They were events which allowed all skill levels to participate. These events are not inclusive to new players; this doesn't mean give the option of a player who is level 45 to beat a weak foe, I'm talking about the possibility of events to be not overly difficult that it takes the best players to beat it and only the best players. How are you suppose to get noobs to play the game when they can't even join the battle of halloween or thanksgiving, because the team needs 5 very strong players. THANKSGIVING EVENT WAS A F*ING JOKE! There was no point to the event at all, and players gave up after the first day and just cursed how stupid lakoo is to make an event about giving back and not give back to the community. I don't care if the event dropped cool looking 10% fashions, pet gems and +3 gems, at least make the event worth trying more than once. No one even bothered to do event because it was a F*ING JOKE. Thanksgiving is about sharing and giving yet it seems you didn't care enough about the players to give them an event worth their time. I CANT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU JUST DIDN'T IMPROVE LAST YEARS EVENT!!! People were satisfied with last year's event, why not just expand on it. Kill turkey's, help fisherman or miner, kill dragon.. damn that seems too simple and too fun for players maybe you should completely F* it up this year and piss off the small # of remaining players.

Halloween looked like you put a lot of effort into it, but there is no need to completly remake an event, when last year's was good enough. SAVE TIME and just add-on.


THIS NEW ABYSS COSTING SILVER IS A DAMN JOKE TOO!  ARE YOU DAMN SERIOUS? Please explain why you feel that attempting a daily, which abyss is, should cost 350 silver? That is a damn joke. If you wanted to make it like GOD DOG where you farm an item in order to challenge abyss reflection etc.. but item drop rate should be significantly higher, and there is no reason to make players pay 350 silver. What in your damn mind said let's make them pay for a daily event? An event that was free and people were happy to do daily for exp, is now a stupid joke and it's your damn fault.

Advice for XMAS: RUN THE EXACT SAME EVENT but at the end after you defeated your chest and won a good prize, let players above level 50 challenge EVIL SANTA HARD, and players under level 50 can challenge EVIL SANTA EASY. The drops for these would be blessings, which is used to get items. What's complicated about this, you already have the damn program typed up, and it's quiet easy to add another part. LAST YEARS EVENT WAS GREAT, players got good and lots of useful items, players were happy. The only downside was the crash in the market of some higher priced items, but seeing how the market is crashed now, who the hell cares. The only thing that needs to be added to this years x-mas event is the ability to upgrade x-mas fashions from 10% to 20%. Not 20% you and 10% pet fashions, but 20% to you only like bone thorns fashion.

There are problems in the events and it's embarassing that Lakoo believes every event needs and overhaul, events last year are fine and just need to be elobrated on and not overhauled. Save yourself time and improve on the events you've made. Make your events more inclusive to let players run their alts, or noobs can join a team to complete event.

MOST IMPORTANTLY MAKE EVENTS WHERE IT ISN'T MANDITORY TO USE ARTIFICIER CANDLE BOMB, what the hell? Why are you doing this? Making events that are hard because they have a small trick to them, maybe high dodge or have half foe magic immune and have the other half physical immune are cool. But when every damn event needs an artificer candle bomb, that just dumb.

Why can't you make events worth your players time? Right now the ABYSS is a damn joke, thanksgiving was a damn joke too. Players are seriously worried you're gonna F* up christmas. THINGS ARE REALLY REALLY EASY, take events which worked last year and just slightly improve them; on the same idea take events that were awful and revamp those.

3. CARDS ARE A TERRIBLE IDEA. This should probably be #1. I know they haven't even been released yet, but it is a damn damn damn terrible idea.


4. Everyone looks the game same, make a merging place for fashions! Like come on, this idea is damn genius. Allow players to look how the want, you have over 150 unique looks, why not let players merge their current fashions to look however they want. But a fee of 250 gold for a merge. Easy and has no direct impact on the game, only superficial looks (which players want to look kick-ass).

5. You need to fix skills. Like seriously.

KUNGFU class should have a base Physical Hit Skill, frankly KungFu class needs a better STR primary skill as well. Hunters should have a small HP/MP skill and please make another option for hunter's because every hunter runs the same auto, so why not add another auto to give hunter's more options. Shaman's are stacked but it doesn't hurt to offer shaman's a base Elemental Hit, which provides more options to shamans than just Axe Shaman's axe toss + shaman assault. Variety in shamans to become better ele mages is nice. For Wizardsa nice base HP skill would be appreciated. Even having a wizard skill which gives 1800 base hp primary and 5% magic power (or 5% magic defense) secondary wouldn't hurt. Wizards would also strongly benefit from having a native critical skill. Even something as small as +25 critical at lvl21 just rounds out the class. Warrior need two important things, firstly lvl21 fury auto should last 2 round (vs artificer auto which last 3 rounds) and warriors should have native sword hit all available to players earlier in the game. having SOJ hit all at lvl21 is also good choice.


6. The player ranking and pet ranking is a very good idea, and the community likes the idea but it has some major major problems. First, players who glitch their reputation screw up the list. Secondly how come hunters and axe shamans who have shitty shitty gear and reputation 200-210 are highly ranked. Their gear is shit, their sockets are shit, their a shitty noob hunter and yet players who have very god equipment, very high sockets, and very strong builds are not even ranked dispite having 500+ reputation. It's obvious that hunters, axe shamans, and artificers are the superior classes but that doesn't mean you cannot improve the other classes. KUNGFU lack a phit skill, which would greatly help BH players, while making sabre's more attractive choices because they can then have superior speed and phit. Wizards lack crit and hp, and there should be native skill (wiz institution) options to address these. Warrior lack everything, their autos are way way under powered compared to artificers, their description makes them seem like tanky options yet possess only one hp base skill, and since they cannot attack with their autos they simply are not match to axe shamans or hunters.

 Let's not forget arti assault is far far superior than warrior's assault, it seems Lakoo decided that artificers would be have far better skils than warriors even though their they share some common skills artificer skills either last 2-3 rounds autos or artificers are given far superior actives.



Improving the game is the goal, the better the game is the more it will attract current players to spent their time and money playing. If they game improves players who have left will be more likely to return to the game. If the game improves it's events, players who check in only to run special events like thanksgiving and x-mas will more likely be inclined to check in more frequently and perhaps even return.  Players aren't going to put up with shit events like thanksgiving. Players aren't gonna put up with shit instances, players are not going to put up with shit dailies like the NEW ABYSS. Players will not put up with a game dominated by three classes; axe shaman, hunters, and artificers.

Please abandon this stupid stupid childish card thing. No one damn cards about card games, which we use to play when we were 5-9 year olds. Magic cards, overpower cards, pogs and whatever else are stupid and childish. This game doesn't need cards, cards are stupid.

Spend the time you were going to spent on cards to improve and balance the classes skills/instittuions. Spent the time to make already events better like GUNDAM/TAOIST, XMAS and please stop ruining good events like Thanksgiving. Stop ruining things that you've already succeeded on, and start focusing you're attention on things that obvious have failed like ABYSS.







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    Edwin G. Jimenez

    Hi all, my in game name is *RADOW*I will say a few things and hope someone from lakoo reads this. I have been playing this game for 2 years now and I have seen first hand some terrible events in this game. I remember all the events from last year and I liked most of them. This year some events were very very very bad.

    First of all, Halloween event. I was waiting for this event for a long time and was excited for it to arrive but, it was an extreme disappointment. There are no Halloween mounts in server. Even with the best players in game, that final boss wasn't beatable. If there was someone in server who beat headless final boss then, I wouldn't be posting this. Next thanksgiving event time was to short and a lot of materials had to be collected in such short time. Maybe those who are top emperors and have unlimited silver and gc could've completed that event in short time. I believe thanksgiving event wasn't fair at all to those players who have 1 or maybe 2 characters.

    The idea of charging 350 silver to challenge abyss? I don't know who came up with this idea but that person should be fired. Abyss has always been free! There is great equipment to craft in New Abyss but, honestly I won't even try to challenge it if it requires 350 silver fee per character. Remove New Abyss and keep Mountain Titan where it is. I enjoy killing Mountain Titan when there is nothing else to do.

    1 more thing that I don't think is fair is the legendary king mounts (World War reward). Nobody except 3 ppl in server can get them. I think that if lakoo make a chance to get legendary king mounts in scroll of chance or any other chest I'm 100% sure the players would be tempted to spend more money on this game to open those chests.

    Instances like moon palace, sky instance and moon battlefield are great, challenging, fun and doable. More instances or events like these would be great.

    Lakoo. Christmas and New year is just a few days away. I hope you don't mess this up. Everyday I play I see less people; all that's left is old players. There is no chance for new players to grow or do events. Many people are selfish in this game.. All my friends are gone. Make this game fun for us players. I don't want to end up like my friends who quitted this game due to wrong decisions lakoo.

    I hope someone from lakoo reads this. If I quit this game, it all depends on what lakoo will do next. At least I know I tried for lakoo to open their eyes.

    One more thing before I end up my post. If I recall Cots said that you need candle bomb for every event. I don't think this is true. What I think is necessary to use candle bomb is in moon palace pingming lv60 nothing else.

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    ( ´Д`)y━・~~

    FYI abyss doesn't cost any silver if you gather 10 soul. Abyss 60 quest give a free summoning scroll for reflection.

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    I support this post.

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