Sign HERE on 2013-09-05!

For 2013-09-05, please sign under this thread by replying as mentioned in:

Good luck! :)

Important: To participate in this event, your character MUST be Level 30 or above! 

Tips: For your easier participation, please write in format below: 

Character Name: 
Character ID:

Note: If hacked, please change password ASAP and write to via account-bound email address with related details including the UDID/IMEI/MEID of device used to log in the account, the last logoff server time and the city you lived in real world when last logged off. We will check for you. Thank you. Tips: All hacking reports by far show it's actually caused by careless use/setting of your game account/password, account-bound email address or device or account/device sharing/trading/transferring. Please take good care of your game account and device. We can only verify your game account ownership by the email address bound to the account or the UDID/IMEI/MEID of the device(s) used to log in the account. (

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    Bhavik patel

    Server: Arcadia

    Character name: LORDMAster67

    Character ID: 2311804

    Blessings: This game is the best. Takes very long to complete but its worth it, you can do what every u can thing in a MMORPG game!

  • 0


    Character Name: Aurumis

    Character ID: 335306

    Blessings: Keep up the great work team lakoo game gets better every day i play.

  • 0
    Danielle hurst

    Server: Maya

    Character Name: DCR41712

    Character ID: 335307

    Blessings: keep up the good work

  • 0
    Aidan fehr

    Server: arcadia

    Character name: sk1llsaw

    Char ID: 149471

    Blessings: hopefully u guys can provide some better customer service and support.. 3+ years of auto generated responses is more than enough..

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    mong skie

    Server: Maya

    Character Name: Zyk

    Character ID: 87037

    Blessings: I love this game. So awesome. :)

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