Lakoo never listens

1. Upgrading perfect gear to s1 enraged gear has to be 100% and no chance of failure. It's a long expensive process to make perfect gear then gather medals in a sever full of boosters and cheaters and for s1 gear not to be 100% is terrible. It's just total joke. 2. How the hell do you expect someone to make all these s1 gears without boosting vs boosters? You can't get more than 2 medals a week yet it is expected you compete vs those getting 5+ medals. Then went we finally get enough to make s1 gear you totally screw us over. So hypocritical of you. 3. Why is s1 gear upgraded from perfect yet how stupid does it look to see thunder pauldron and ire of abyss not be perfect. Everyone who has ire edged should be made into ire perfect. It's simple so do it. 4. Why do BH lack a weapon enchantment slot/ and now a pylon slot. And be expected to be on par with OP axe shamans and dodge tanks? Why are the final battle mounts so OP? Where is the balanced classes and gears?!!? 5. Best way to make pets level faster is to make pets require 1/2 exp. since pets are mostly uses why do they require the same exp? 6. Why hasn't surifen gear upgrades been released? The dg event which has their upgrade has been out for 6-8 months plus in HK nth at event also has a pet trainer that makes pet skills lvl10. Which greatly helps pet merging by lowering time it takes to click all the skills up from 1 to 10. 7. Why is the game so leggy and constantly crashes?!? Why is PK server linked to a server which causes x2 the lag instead of being extension of all servers. Just combined all servers and watch mayhem happen. It'll solve lag issues and then delete all empty player characters and empty empires to solve more lag issues m 8. You need to balance pets for example bears should be +100 base str and those magic swords need to be like +100'int. all pets need to be upgraded to suit current game. Adding base stats and changing some pet autos is the right answer.
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