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First of all hi everyone.

You might be wondering why do i come out with this thread at forums, Ill try to do my best explaining it.


Ive been asked by many players of shogun empire why are we fighting (seems ur generals doesnt give you enough information).


A few days ago I wanted to build Pet insitute for Nobody empire (wich Im holding rigth now), like I had no enough resources I used demand option in trade post. Seems thats not alowed if you are not in alliance, becouse  I got a war declaration by the emperor of mini shogun. I assume only a few people are alowed to buy resources. Well, been talking with some shogun General, (dunno who since to much account sharing nowdays on those empires), the point its he/she tried to avoid the war but mini shogun emperor didnt want to. So we had a war and lost palace lvl9 just for their fun becouse we had no resources for them.


I thought everything was fine becouse those shogun generals told me that it was just a war and it wouldnt happend again.

One day later, when I logged in... I saw a new war declaration, I was really surprised becouse I though everything was ok, Ive learnt the lesson (you cant buy resoruces if you are not a shogun member), but I was wrong, seems they only wanna destroy "actives" empires. Of course Ive lost the war becouse its my vs 4 or 5 of top empires.

I was really sad and mad about their power abusing so I decided to disturb them as much as I could, then started to force everyone I saw from those 2 empires. Generals of those empires started to tell their members they force and war me becouse I started forcing their members (like if Im enough stupid to start a war vs them all...), I think they just trying to make it look like they are not that bad.

Nowdays they war me daily,  wich I dont care, but starting to be tired to explain to every shogun member why are we on war (sadest part its the amount of people helping them without any knowledge)

Of course I asked for help to a few I thought they were friends but they are scared of shogun members and acclaim shogun helped them agains china empire (what makes me think I never saw a such power abuse of china emp to anyone). Didnt get help, I got a kick :p, which its not the point.


Now Im asking you all; why did you hate china empire so much? and whats makes you all adore shogun? whats the difference?


Anyways Ive came to forums just to tell those who know me I didnt change, I was always peacefully, friendly and helpfull with everyone and I will continue this way to play. My chars are pve and this might give those empires advantage (and of course the amount of help they have). Just wanted to make things clear.


Im sorry for my english skills.


Kin regards





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    Edwin G. Jimenez

    This is the reason why I stopped building an empire. If I would've continued I would've ended up wasting my time and $. You can't make an empire these days. So I just ended up trying to make my characters better and helping those few friends I have left in this game. Might as well just destroy the empire. I'm almost sure that no one will help since Arcadia has been monopolized. It's sad to see an empire that you worked so hard to build get destroyed in a dew days for the amusement of others. But I guess thats how this game works... Any ways best of luck to you my friend.

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    M May

    Sounds like a familiar story. Happened quite a few times so can't really act like its not what it is: Big group of sheep can't fight other big group of sheep so pick on a emp with a few. Then try to spin it like their not at fault.

    To be honest, everyone knows it but doubt anyone cares at this point. Games dying and its just the same faces with a diff alts in each others emps.

    The simple answer is they're bored, and since they've all allied with each other because it wouldn't be a guaranteed victory otherwise. Plus, population is so small, there's no one else.

    I'm mostly surprised at the same excuse every time to spin the facts is used, like no one can see whats really going on.

    I suggest don't bother building empires, its too late. Build chars, join emps for tax free skills, go back to own emps like everyone else.

    In a year it wont matter, game will probably be shut down. Peoples in game actions tend to show the type of person they are irl, it's not possible to compartmentalize it no matter how much people want to deny it. So be glad, you seem in the right place where it truly counts. Don't stoop

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    Héctor Fernández

    Greetings! :d

    Thanks for the support words, its really apreciated nowdays.

    A new war just finished, of course they won it was around 30 vs 5~ , doesnt matter. The point its just after war I saw some of their members I thought he was friend, asked him why do they wanna destroy my empire and he doesnt even know, but he goes to war. Seems people just follow orders.

    Good new for me its today 2 of their members left the empire tired of their power abuse wich make me really happy. 

    Things like this shows up what people worth, just feeling sorry for them and hoping they are not like this in real life.


    Kin regards




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