New Empire in Arcadia server please read:

I have created "See Empire" I am recruiting newbies and advanced players alike.

I am also in need of a little resource contribution, so if you happen to be a emperor over a high rank empire any help you can offer is appreciated.

Newbies do not have to send resources to me because they need to make money to get started how ever I would expect more advanced players to help even if its small amounts at a time.

I have had characters in the past to give me plenty of in-game experience to be successful in the long run.

I have never been an empress on previous characters but I have been working very hard and I figured out the functions of an empire with ease.


I do have a few guide lines/rules I would like to put out there:

NO FORCE PVP results in auto expulsion from the empire.

NEVER provoke an empire or be disrespectful in any way to generals/emperors of other empires.

I am a firm believer that Role-Playing makes this game 10 times better, not a must but reccomended ^_^.

I will offer help and even help with small amounts of copper but please be patient i'm only one person.

Feel free to chat as much as possible in the empire chat but please don't spam(Several annoying messages in repeativity) the chat.

I like the idea of a real "empire application" before being moved up in rank you should mail me with a little bit about your in-game history and your dedication on a scale from 1-10 to my empire and the game itself.

I don't want to waste your lives reading rules but these are basically the important ones.

Moving on.....

Great empires:

Great empires aren't just created: They are built from bottom to top.

Great empires are a family: They consist of a hard working group not just the emperor

Great empires are humble: If we were to ever become a high ranking empire don't flaunt it.

Great empires don't have to be strong: Being an empire brings us together that's all that matters.

This is all you really "need" to know, if you have any questions mail me in-game or comment this post.



                                                   Sincerely,    Koesume        (P.S. Koesume is my in-game name if you haven't already searched See in the empire list and found that out for yourself)

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