Clovis the Scammer

Here's another scammer. Clovis of Hyrule. Check out the pics. Typical scammer techniques. Beware all. Lakoo do something if you can ;) Funny how he gave up so easily
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    did he scam you?? no proved of you sending him anything

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    Read Jasmine's post.
    "If you have been scammed, or suspecting someone is trying to scam you, contact us! We will not tolerate the scammers!"

    If you still can't see it: TRYING TO SCAM YOU

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    Unknown K

    No proof here not everyone that offers trade item for item is a scammer you know! If you have solid evidence he in fact scammed you then ok post here to warn everyone but your just making accusations how would you feel if someone but you on blast falsely on forums

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