exp classes....add more!!

i reckon lakoo should put in more exp events because me and other lvl40+ people find it really difficult to grind at astral mountain when only getting 500 exp each battle...u should either change the exp u get from astral or put in more exp event weekends...and make a new class where its a battlemage or something to make the game more exciting...

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    Vincent Thein

    U shuld probably stop posting ridiculous post like these. For one alot of people have managed to surpass this and 2 battle Mage? Are u stupid . There's already a element Mage and a curse Mage what the heck would a battle Mage do. + lakoo rarely updates this game any more so if they're gonna listen to a guy then make it something that will would and not just for ur needs but for all. And don't just say u and ur "friends" or "empires" decided cuz frankly no one cares. Heck lakoo didn't even reply to ur last post . If we can get past 40 so can you. Stop demanding things at a low level and demand for a better future for your characters . Such as things when u hit cap or whatnot

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