Read this - recharge from Lakoo at your own risk after new update

1. All the recharged coins will be in your characters directly if you are using our latest version. A relevant mail will still be sent to your mailbox as an evidence. Please note. Thank you.


How many of you tried recharging after installing the new update? Notice how 'convenient' Lakoo is doing things for us? The relevant mail which is sent to your mailbox does not state the amount of gold/silver that you will receive or recharge. If this is the case, in the event whereby theres a recharge mistake from Lakoo side, how the f*** are we players gonna dispute the issue with no concrete evidence on our side to show there was an error?

That is why Im saying Lakoo is trying to act dishonest and not transparent when it comes to money issues. They took all the silvers from a big empire (1.7m silvers mind you) and refuse to return. Now they are making the recharge system so convenient and not transparent, leaving players in danger of getting their money cheated in the event whereby there is a recharge error.

Will you guys still recharge? Dont waste your money my friends.

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