+2 gems Bind and Bound

Dear Gm. 

Please i know that i made this issue to you guys to change the name of the gems.. but what you made so far is still the same. all +2 gems is still auto bind.

the only difference is you place (bound) on the items you buy from gem shop.. and +2 from titan or quest is just auto bound. 

I hope you will make the looted gems from chest not bound and bound. their must me a +2 gems that is not bound to character.

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    If u want more gems, waste gc and recharge from lakoo. This is exactly what they want us to do. But im sure u will get as many unbound gems and auto bound gems even if u use gold keys to open golden gem chests. Lakoo is out to scam and make $.

    Like what GMs said "Tips not to get cheated : Buy from trading post or recharge from the game"

    They just want u to spend. So any mofo suggestions u give that threatens their earnings are useless

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    LOL they are crazy! why wont they just give us options! items that we lot and get should not be bound! items that is bound should be us to decided.


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