Empire war event bug - losers of war did not get thier losses returned

I wanna ask GMs why Shogun Empire (Arcadia) did not received their losses back from the war event. The funny joke is despite Shogun emperor sent an mail to GM in game, GM response was "We have returned all losses back to the losers empires for the event, pls check". THE LOSSES WAS NEVER RETURNED. GM PLS CHECK ASAP. 19th is coming soon and this is affecting the emperor monthly income if u GMs do not act fast on this issue.

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    What kind of sick joke is this. Shogun empire lost 1.7m silvers during the war event. The losses were never returned and u GMS are insisting all losers losses have been returned. U DELETED ALL THE SYSTEM MAIL RELATED TO THE WARS DURING EVENT. HOW DO U EXPECT US TO SHOW U EVIDENCE. GO FU****** CHECK UR DATABASE U RETARDS GMS.

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