Unfair Classes

Hey Lakoo, Haven't you noticed that you are giving a few classes in EO all the good skills? As a warrior axe, it's so annoying to see how shaman axe or hunter or arti class can do two aoe hits in one round. Also, sham don't only get two aoe hits in one round, but also much better phit skills and speed skills ( and bh get insane damage + also better speed skills ). So really, us warriors are pretty much inferior to them. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, you guys should consider adding similar skills to each class ( preferrably an aoe auto for warrior and more speed or melee skills ) so that we can all compete to be better than each other, instead of us looking small to those classes I mentioned above. Also, how come you release better "assault" skills for arti and shaman? And you did this right after I buy full ori/theart etc for my warrior assault.. One last thing, what is the point of being a spearman or double sword or 2hand sword anymore? It seems you guys have only focused on improving two or three attack types... And that there is no point in making sword/spear hitters anymore. Oh yea, and wtf is the point in one hand axe? Anyway, thanks for trying your best to improve the game. This up here is my view only, this may not apply to you, don't take it personally. :) peace
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    Patrick Navarro

    I think it would be better if this was moved to suggestions

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