[Bosnia Event] Summer Pack and Exp Time!!!!

Summer Mega Value Pack
You will have 100% chance to get a Sky Drake (10 days) by opening the pack. And, you will have chances to get the following rewards:

-Gold Camel
-Sun Dog Suit
-Commemoration Suit A
-Legendary Pet Gem
-Esoteric Chest
-Dark Hawkstrider

The legendary pet gems are especially for you to get more precious pets to merge, let's check out what will we have in there:
Legendary Pet Gem:
-Crazy Ryouga
-Variation Flare Element
-Flare Element
-Young Lakuen
-Precious Maid
-Legendary Merfolk
-Gold Merfolk
-Legendry Demon


How to get the pack

Time of the event: 15th. Sept to 7th Oct,

During the event period, you'll receive one gift pack for every USD10 (9.99 will be counted as well) recharge. The more silver coins you recharge, the more gifts you will get!

We will be giving the gift packs manually, so it will be a few days delay. We will try our best to deliver the silver coins with in 3 working days. Please understand.

Also, during this weekend, you will have a 1.6 times exp time! Don't miss it!

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    Really Lakoo???????  I am VERY disappointed yet again.  You give everyone a cool 10 day mount....LVL 60 only can equip....I`m lvl43....I will never even get to equip it.  Thanks for NOTHING.  I got NOTHING outta this STUPID summer pack. 

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    Nothing I can use anyway.

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