[Bosnia Event] IAP Bonus!!

Hello players from Bosnia,


Thank you for your support for our game.


From 15 Aug to 31 Aug,


Bonus coins will be given for every purchase in the Bosnia server. So it is a great chance to speed up the growth of your empire and your character! The bonus coins of the packages are as follows:


1 USD: 117 silver coins;

2 USD: 234 silver coins;

5 USD: 585 silver coins;

10 USD: 1170 silver coins;

20 USD: 2340 silver coins;

50 USD: 5850 silver coins;

1 USD gold coins: 117 silver coins;

5 USD gold coins: 585 silver coins.


The server will collect the coin purchase data regularly and the bonus coins will be delivered to your character in 3 working days after the purchase. If you cannot receive the bonus coins, please contact our support in

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