I'm Kos, I haven't gone :))

Hello everyone,


How's the new versions? Do you like the new functions and systems?

I think I have pushed the new functions too fast that you haven't enjoy them enough.

Here are something I want to do:

1. Have a 1.6 exp period, not like now, just 1 hour, but for several days. So you may level up faster.

2. Pet event and pet related gift bags. Pet Merging will consume a huge amount of pets.

3. Resource package: this is only a thought currently. I would like to see more empire wars and I think most of you will like some real wars!

4. Entry fee for the battle field will be back.


I have seen a lot of our players are questioning the new systems, why don't we share our experiences in our forum. Also, we have a lot of new players join us. Please kindly give them some helping hands. I will try to hold an event to reward the players that help our new menbers:)

Let me know what you are thinking.

I'll discuss with you.


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    jake yerit

    I'd love a real xp event right about now. Also I was wondering where the new instances are that you said were coming. Thanks.

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