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Empire Junkies has released the first phase of its build database!  If you go to our homepage, you can see exactly what I am talking about!  The purpose of this is to compile all the builds and class specific guides relating to characters, builds and skills and separate them by class.  

Right now Empire Junkies is looking for builds (and class specific guides)! 

GOAL: To give the players (esp new and clueless ones) a place to go to help plan their character out in an effective way so you avoid wasting a lot of time and money.  Plus, we can see who holds the title for best guide per class?!

In the future, the best builds will let their writers get access to prizes like gold, the new Empire Junkies premium account when they're released and more.  

How to submit...

  1. Post the build under the Builds section of Empire Junkies forum or the class section
  2. Request to become an Author and get privalege and special access to publish builds directly.
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