[Preview] Version 3.2 is Coming!

Dear Players,

Version 3.2 is coming. In this new version, we will have:

1. Level 62

2. Identification

There will be equipments that needs to be identified. After identification, they will get additional stats or effects. All the enchants and gems socketed on the equipments previously will be kept.

3. Crafting

Add more stats to some existing equipments. All the enchants and gems socketed on the equipments previously will be kept.

4. Pets merging
a. Merge 2 pets into one. After merging, the main pet will have certain chance to add some stats or learn a new talent skill!
b. After merging, 30% of the sub pet's  one stats will be added to the main pet ( this stat will be higher than the main pet).
c. The chance that your main pet get a additional talent skill is the sp of the sub pet used/10000.
d. The talent skill your main pet learnt from merging will be the same attack type as the sub pet's.

Rules to merge pets:
1. Two pets must be in your backpack.
2. The level of the main pet must not be lower than the level of sub pet.
3. Main pet can only learn less than 3 talent skills.
4. Sub pet cannot be merged before.

And, we had made a lot of improvements, add some new epic missions and instances in game.

We will give you more details later. Thank you all for your support on our game.

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    Very good preview Joe :)  Please continue to post these sort of articles.  They really help players plan for the update and alleviate alot of concern and speculation. :)

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    So if my pet has used 10k sp, /10000 then it will have 1% or 100% to get the other talent? Pls tell more clearly

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    ( ´Д`)y━・~~

    1% obviously

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    Thats too low le

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    Hey Joe, can you explain more clearly Point C. of pet merging?

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    Aidan fehr

    Seriously 1%? That is terrible. I would never merge a lv55+ pet with that chance. Please be more specific

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    jake yerit

    Where are the new instances and epic missions? I looked all over for them...maybe they don't exist?

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