Down with auto bond crap.

This is a poition to have lakoo remove the every annoying auto bond items. The truth of the matter is lakoo unbinds items for who ever they want. I have been playing empire online for almost 3 years now and know of many times They have done just that and just like thier rigged fourm events wich I gave lakoo A great idea and was not give my prize. Lakoo does what they wish when they wish. So I am asking all players to stand united about having lakoo Get rid of the annoying auto bind feature in this game. It would improve game play for items needed for quests. It would improve game play for equipment items needed for full sets. It would improve game play for unwanted items that some else could use. It would improve socializing and empire interaction with lower lv players. It would improve player retention less players quitting because of wasted funds. It would improve support feed back times and ease mail load to support staff. It would improve game play because lakoo can focus on game playability and bugs If you secound this motion to get rid of auto bind just say yes. If you do not secound this motion to get rid of auto bind say no. Please encourage all your friends to voice thier say in this matter. Also ask gm to pin to top of fourm so everybody has a fair chance To have thier say. Thanks Atick, Aticka, Zapstick and "Athena"
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    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for your feedback on autobound items, which cannot be unbound as a current normal game setting.

    We welcome all feedback from our players if it helps improving our game without ruining the game fairness and balance.  Your opinions will be shown on my report to the relevant department.

    As to your great idea, if you believe you should get the prize, please feel free to contact our in-game GM or submit a ticket in with related details. We will check for you.

    Thanks for your support.

    Best regards,


    Lakoo Customer Service

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    Long story short, I believe Auto Bind is necessary for some items.  I can understand how it can be frustrating, but it also plays a major part in game balance.  Binding has been around since EVERQUEST and it's a pretty staple feature in the MMO depeartment.  What do you feel about the suggestion below?

    Based on the original idea... I think we should be able to use Auto-Bind Items cross-account.  I got some great binded items I can't use unfortunately except for cosmetic reasons here and there.... or even being able to used Bound items across account.

    Just some thoughts. Thanks for the original post

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