[Event] Reunite the friends

Hello empire players,

We have update 2 major versions after a long time delay. I can still see a lot of the old faces in game. First, I'd like to thank you for your support on our game and being with us so long.

We are planing to launch our version 3.2 in the end of July or the next month due to the processing time of Apple. It will include 3 major systems: Crafting, Identify equipment and Pet merging. Also, there will be more brilliant instances for you.

I think you may need more teammates to challenge those instances.

You've seen this as an event, but I'm not clearly know what would be helpful to you currently. So some suggestions will be appreciated.

Or, we say every 20 old friends back, we will start a 1.6 exp day.

Please note: The players you are recalling must be over level 30 and haven't logged to Empire Online for no less than 7 days~ And the recalled players have to be active(stay in game for more than 1 hour) in game for more than 3 days.

And as we haven't started to design this function, we will do this manually:
1. Ask the friend you invite back to game to contact CS;
2. Tell us the name of the character that invite him/her;
3. If they recharged ( ios iap and google checkout) silver, the inviter will get bonus gold coins equals to 25% of the recharge till the invited players reach level 60!!!!
4. Your feedback will be appreciated. More rewards may be added if the event works fine.

Wish you the best,


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    They wont come back until they see log in screen

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    No better event?

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    Good idea dj and Kos :)

    I like the idea of the percentage of gc back to the inviter idea.  To get some people to return and play regularly may require more than just a 1.6xp day.

    In my experience, many of these players are long time veterans who periodically return when there is a new update or event but are less interested in the grinding due to having played for so long and accomplished so much on their high level characters.  They like to chat with friends and do hard instances/bosses.

    I recommend developing a system for random wandering "Boss Hunt Monsters."  I love the new Titan and it has some very good loot items.  However, this is not going to hold the interest of top lv60 players since it can be beaten fairly easily (and correctly so since it will hold other people's interest).  You need monsters somewhere between the difficulty of Titan and Dog God 40 (nearly impossible).  I suggest that these Boss Hunt Monsters randomly appear at different non-town spots on the map at various times during the day.  This would keep them from becoming boring due to easy access and would encourage people to check several times a day.  We may even level new characters because we can level them and hope to run into one of the Boss Hunt Monsters.

    Developing this system would allow you to easily add or tweak the monsters that randomly spawn to put out special or holiday themed ones with less effort since you can reuse the system.

    For starters, I would suggest the Legendary Golden Stag (Golden reindeer boss with several reindeer minions and elf archers).  The boss would cast random assist silences on the enemy party and chaos pets.  He would also be immensely healthy and periodically use the Revive Cross auto to restore minions.  You could add 24hr Hunter Fashion for sale at Bosnia Bay with Silver that would keep the Boss from seeing your hunting party and running after so many rounds (otherwise you would hope you can chaos or hold him but difficult due to high resists).  The Boss would be a daily quest but would offer a reset for a sum of silver.  The rewards would include Monster Horns (redeemable in Bosnia Bay for rewards similar to the Titan setup) and a extremely rare chance at the Legendary Golden Stag mount (30% hit, -15% dodge, mp+1000).

    It would be even better if the NPC to start the quest was called Hunting Guide (A, B, C, D, and E for 5 different daily quests at different random times).  That way people never know which monster the Hunting Guide has spotted.  It would keep people from finding the perfect team to beat a boss and just using it.  Each Hunting Guide would have a random Boss each time it was challenged.  So if I fought it one time and fought the Legendary Golden Stag then decided to buy a reset to try again before the NPC left I may have a 10-25% chance of fighting a different Boss at the same NPC.

    I think a setup like this would provide alot more interest in the game for both new and old players alike.



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    Unknown K

    One major thing I'd really like to see with 3.2 update is season 2 fashions. May I say that everyone looks the same in game releasing these fashions will allow players to look unique in there own way. But other than that I've seen a lot of great progress with empire online the CS is getting better Daily instances give rewards worth while and lvling has become easier due to exp increase. Only thing as well is put more free gc offers 90% are only worth 7gc per download or less I download gold to buy odds and ends (scrolls, gems, copper etc.) would like to get more gc per download. But thanks guys

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    Yeah. Free gcs sucks. 99% of those apps give

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    I think you should promote the 30 friends back for a 1.6xp day day and maybe make it so if we all bring 60 people back we get a 1.6xp weekend?

    XP weekends are a great way to keep things fun inbetween events.  MOAR XP SCROLLS PLZ

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    อดิศักดิ์ เวียงยา


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