[MUST READ] FAQ for Empire Online

- What to do if account lost after updating your game client version?

You are strongly suggested to ensure your game account is bound, and bound only, to 1 email address against misoperation/malfunction in game. If not, please contact the GM in game ASAP by providing the related details involved:

i) Account/Login ID or Character name/ID;
ii) Email address;

However, before contacting the GM, please confirm:

1). Your character(s) under the account are lost, not deleted by mistake;
2). Your character(s) actually exists on Bosnia, for instance, when you thought it exists on Arcadia;

and please understand:

a) You do not have login screen yet if you just install the game on a new device or you logged in 1 game account only on your device;

b) Please relog in to have login screen or enable login screen function after logging in the game via two game accounts at least (You can operate on your device as below: 1. Logout after you enter the game for the first time in this device and you will see a new login interface with "Register" button on. 2. Tap "Register" and you customize your newly created account. After you successfully customize your account, turn off the app and login again. 3. For the next time you enter the game and tap "Login", you will see the ID and PW login interface);

c) If you do not have two game accounts, you can tap Register (next to Login or above Site) to create a new game account by inputting ID, Password and E-mail (a valid email address bound to no game account yet). If there's some system prompt including "...Empty" or "...internet connection", please try several more times by following instructions accordingly. Please tap slower or wait longer for some devices when creating or binding for each step. You are strongly suggested to bind the account to a valid email address bound to no game account yet, by tapping More-Setup-Account, inputting the email address when creating account and tapping Reg., before you check the email box to follow instructions accordingly within 24 hours (Please redo to try again if the link is invalid or expires);

d) If you automatically logged in the game on new device via account/character generated by the system, which is designed for better and easier game experience, you can tap More-Setup-Account-Bind accordingly before relogging in to switch to another game account.

e) If the account name or Lakoo/login ID is bound to a valid email address bound to no other game account, you may use "Forgot Password" to retrieve/reset the password of your account via the valid email address (There may be browser compatibility problem when you are trying to reset password. You are recommended to try Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If your problem remains unsolved and you are sure that you input the correct password for the right account name with good/stable network connection, please provide another email address (gmail, yahoo, etc recommended, with address as short as possible such as bound to no game account yet by writing to We can bind again for you before you try again. Thank you.);

f) If no email is bound to the account/login ID, please provide the UDID/IMEI/MEID of your device you used to log in the account/character and a valid email address bound to no game account yet so that we can bind the account to the email address for you if we can confirm your account ownership;

g) Your account problem is beyond our reach if the account is not bound to an email address you can use and there's no login records in past three months;

h) The game account system adjustment is aimed at game account/system security. All our player's personal/private information, including UDID/IMEI/MEID, will be handled in a confidential manner;

i) You can search for the key word(s) as Lakoo on App Store or Saga of Conquest on Google Play Store to download the latest game client version.

j) If you reinstall your app and find the buttons of Login and Register, etc (but Tap to Play) missing, please try log in the game via two game accounts and tap the back icon on your device for question "are you sure you want to quit the game?" and tap Okey. Then relog in the game to check again. If you find all buttons but Login missing, we have arranged the relevant department to look into the problem, which we will fix ASAP in future version update.

k) If you get Error Code-57 invalid name or you can access only one of our three English servers, please write to to elaborate on your related operation and provide the screenshot or photo of the full error message, the exact/full invalid name you tried, your detailed device model, device system version and device IMEI/MEID code if your game client version is the latest. We will arrange the relevant department to check for you. Tips: Our game supports mobile device only, not computer or some tablets without IMEI/MEID.


1. Please take good care of your game account and device. We can only verify your game account ownership by the email address bound to the account or the UDID/IMEI/MEID of the device(s) with matching MAC address(es) used to log in the account. We do not handle any request for problem caused by account/device sharing/buying/selling/transferring, which violates our terms of use ( Our processing can be based on system records only. The behavior or data not in game are beyond our reach to investigate or interfere.

2. For most devices, you can go to Settings-About Phone-Status to see your WiFi MAC address or directly select WiFi Settings to find the MAC address under the Advanced section. Android user mostly can check in Setting-General-About-Phone Status for IMEI/MEID code. For iDevice user, you can download the app: UDID+ (Free) from your local App-Store to acquire the UDID of your iDevice. The download link:

3. 2013-04-27: In our future versions, we will no longer store your accounts into your iDevices. In case of that, we strongly recommend you to either bind your account to your email or tap "Register" to customize your account. If your login interface is on, you will not be affected.

- How to top up and trade in game?

You are strongly recommended to only top up via Shop and trade via Trading Post in game. Any other recharging/trading method is not under our protection and you have to afford the risk/loss on your own. Your game account or device will be frozen/banned once any abnormal/illegal recharging/trading data/behavior is confirmed. Thank you.

- How to get Twitter/Facebook reward?

Make sure you follow the steps below: 
1. Update to the latest game version; 
2. Using the latest system version; 
3. Connected to the Internet; 
4. Click through our "Go To our Twitter now!"/"Like our Facebook Page and get rewards!"; 
5. Follow/Like us!  
Tips: Only 1 character under each account can get the reward. You cannot get again even you deleted the character. Please contact in-game GM if you encounter problems in getting the Twitter/Facebook rewards.

- What to do if Tapjoy free gold not received?

If the gold's not sent to your account(s) after running the downloaded app(s) within 24 hours, please write to with : 
1.The UDID of your iDevice; 
2.The name of the app you downloaded; 
3.The name of the app you wish to acquire gold coins (e.g. Empire Online). 
Please provide the information above to Tapjoy customer service so that they can assist you in a timely manner.

- Why is my game lagging? 

First, please refresh or log in again with good network connection as it may be caused by temporary network connection problem. We hope you will try to force shutdown other apps running in the background as well. 
If your problem stays unsolved, we suggest you should check your network connection. For in-game settings, you can tap "More" - "Setup" in game then you can change the display settings of Name to "Off", Mini Map to "Simple" and Others to "Hidden". Also, you can try to force to shut down the game, restart your device and relog in to check again. 
When the above does not work, you can contact in-game GM with your detailed device model, system version, display resolution and game version, as some devices/systems may be not well compatible with our game yet. 

- What should I do if I bound some item(s) by mistake? 

Each account has one-time exception/chance to recover ONE item only. We won't handle any recovery request after you use this chance.

- I mistakenly deleted one character under my account...

Usually we do not handle any request for problem caused by player's own operation. We understand sometimes unfortunate things happen that we are happy to help you for a very limited chance to recover your character. 

Please contact our in-game GM for character recovery and make sure 

1/ you provide your name/ID/level/race/class of the character via a character under the same account of the deleted character for our verification of your account ownership;

2/ you have slot to accommodate the recovered character;

3/ you understand there is only one chance for character recovery for each account.

- How to log in my old account on a new device? 

1/ Update your Empire online to the latest version on App Store or Google Play.

2/ Tap More-Setup-Account-Bind on the device after inputting email address bound to the account.

3/ Log in on the device again to play the account. Please read carefully on the descriptions provided and ensure 1 email address is only bound to 1 account. 
If the email address has been bound to more than one account before the update, we suggest you to provide new valid email address matching your account name/ID by submitting a ticket in by the account-bound email address.

- How long is the processing time for my CS enquiries?

 We usually reply to a case within 24 hours and solve it within 3-5 working days if you write to in-game GM or submit a ticket in

- What should I do if I have suggestions/bugs to report for the game?

You are encouraged to post the suggestions or bug report under the Suggestions / Bug Report sub-forum after logging on our official forum We will check ASAP on irregular time basis. Please kindly provide the related details, particularly the full names of quest/map/NPC involved, and screenshots if available, especially for bug report for fixing ASAP. 

- What should I do if my account/character is frozen/banned/disabled? 

For your account safety, please directly submit a ticket in with your account/character name/ID, the time/date when frozen/banned/disabled and related details. The account problem can only be processed by submitting a ticket in

- I want to report inappropriate behaviors in game...

We may fail to handle your request on system restriction currently. Please contact GM in game ASAP within our service hours once you find such behavior. We will take action accordingly once confirmed. Thank you. Tips: Our system does not keep private chatting records on privacy and other ones not reported ASAP due to huge data may be involved. Please do provide the name of server/account/character and the ID of character when reporting.

- My account was hacked...

We keep monitoring our servers to maintain your game experience to be safe and stable. If you find any suspicious activities in your account, please change your password ASAP and do not hesitate to submit a ticket in by account-bound email address, providing the UDID/IMEI of device you used to log in the account, the last logoff time as exact as possible and the city you lived in real world when last logged off, as well as the details of the problem. We will check and take action accordingly.
Tips: We do not handle any request related to account selling/buying/sharing as it violates our Terms of Use. 

- What should I do if I'm scammed?

We may fail to handle your request on system restriction currently. Please contact GM in game ASAP within our service hours 17:30~05:30 server time once you find such behavior. We will take action accordingly once confirmed. Thank you. Tips: Our system does not keep private chatting records on privacy and other ones not reported ASAP due to huge data may be involved. You are strongly recommended to only trade via Trading Post in game. Any other trading method is not under our protection and you have to afford the risk/loss on your own.

- What should I do if the pet name change does not work?

If your changed pet name contains certain special character/Emoji, it may be not recognized by the system. Please write to in-game GM with pet name/level/grade and the time/date that we can provide further assistance to you.

- I'm stuck and cannot move...

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please tap Refresh/Town or log in again to the game to try again. Please write to in-game GM to elaborate on your problem if your problem remains unsolved. 

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