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There are some great things about the update and a few bad things. So lets try to list them off to show what else can be added in further updates.


1. Love the fact we can move items in our inventory bag, however, I would like to be able to re-arrange bag 1,2,3 as well in order to better sort my items.

2. World War seems to be a cool addition, although there is not much information out about it (how long it will last, will there be a fee at some point after a month?). Many players are a little flustered they are unable to get the mount rewards apart from maybe at a later time purchasing them, so maybe there could be a 1-3% drop option in WW, so that players are able to get autobind certificates.. It only would add to the event and quel disapointment. Having the quest on one fort to recieve alchem item is very good idea.

3. I personally really like the updated graphics, they look cool, they look like they took a lot of serious effort and time to complete. They are not all 100% ready, but so far they look very very good, so keep up the good works on the graphics. The pet and mount images in particular are very well done.



1. The best event last year DRAGON BOAT EVENT was skipped over this year (Gundam event). I would have loved to get some dragon boat fashions, challenge Gundam, and of course battle for pet eggs. Not to mention there are a lot of players who still have Blessed Chests, what are we suppose to do with them? Even if we can introduce this event as THE EXACT same as it was, you wouldn't have to do any adjustments just simply add the option to get perm fashions (no perm gear). It would be excellent.

2. Tapjoy applications do not reward gold as of now, and when I leave to open applications and return to the game to check if I have recieved the gold I crash 100% of the time, which is frustrating.



Feel Free to add more positives and negatives.

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    ( ´Д`)y━・~~

    There's an extra quest for alchemy items at a random fort for each area. (Eg fort 10 at 9dragon, fort 3 at dark fortress) Any emp that entered war field can get 1 extra alchemy items

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    I like the new look but dragon boat was a let down tho oh well at least we get a polished ui. Oh n the new fash are awesome .....except dreamer lol

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    CS Zendesk

    Dear players. Thank you all for your valueable opinions.

    There is one thing that we would like to confirm, so we can forward them to our development department for consideration.


    1. Please describe " re-arrange bag 1,2,3" in detail.
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    What is the point Lakoo want the users to give idea and opinion? When you guys asking for idea or opinion, your users gave a fast response. When your user was asking enquiries, you guys take like a week to reply? Or even not to reply at all. Somemore you're asking to describe in details. If that is the case, should the user take your job role and take your pay as well? You such a idiot, Joe. Another poor staff!

    Go ask your engineer or analyst team to check on how many daily unique user you have now and compare to few years back. You might have a lot of new users but most are just spam. 

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    Lee Cotterill

    Hey Joe,

    Please describe " re-arrange bag 1,2,3" in detail - The new update 3.1 allows players the option to arrange any item in the inventory by dragging it to the desired location. This allows players to group their bag how they would like it, instead of using the 'auto group refresh' button. It allows me to set up the bag how I want, and I would like the same feature available for our bag. My inventory bag 2 is full of gems and other alchemy items, and its a big pain to individually take them out and replace them. Having the option to re-arrange our bag 1,2,3 would just make it easier to sort my charm, gems, alchemy, boost, etc. If you can do it for the inventory, why not be able to use the same function on your bags?


    When is the 'blessed chest' we got from last years dragon boat event going to be used? Why make a new dragon boat event, when last year's event was the best? Why not recycle such an event, with added options like fashions, gems, pet eggs, alchemy item drops? The event had an easy part and a team part, it had a daily part and a one-time part. It had decent rewards, temporary helms and robes which looks cool and were great. The event was just the perfect balance for difficulty, prizes, time spent completing event, and team work. The simple solution would be to recycle the event, as it was last year just with added drops. It would not be a difficult thing to do :)



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    Hi lee,

    Thanks for the suggestions.


    How about the frost dragons this year? I've put the fashions and reward from last dragon boat event into the scroll of chance for you. They are currently the only way to get them.

    Don't you think the Gundam will be too easy for you this year?

    About the blessed chest..hmm, we will figure our a way to use them in the future events.


    About WW,

    It does need time to get the reward you want. But that's part of the goal I think. I personally just want to farm for the mount.. I'm crap at PVP. :))

    Rearrange store rooms, I will ask if the same function can be applied there to. Some times a little icon changes a lot.

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    U have a point jasmine, while we loved the event last year (loved it so much we kept doing it weeks after u thought u closed it) it would be a terrible disapointment to see the same EXACT stuff. Unfortunately nostalgaia in gaming is a terrible trouble for both gamers and developers. We gamers beg u to give us the same things we loved in the past but the undeniable truth is that if u give us exactly what we ask for, it will fail to meet our needs of new and interesting content and we will be bored to tears. Of course if u change so much as a single part of our beloved memories we will rally to the forums and cry bloody murder, oop here we are. Now u could have tried to rescale the event to our current power n threw in some new rewards (u would still get complaints of course, but a lil less...maybe)

    HOWEVER, what i believe we realy want out of our events isnt simply dragon boat part 2 the revenge of the taoist. What we want are future events modeled after this event. Its the core game play of this old event that we realy crave. Here are some suggestions from what we liked in the old event:

    A short few easy quests that had to be done ONCE to unlock the other parts of the event (this part is not realy needed as much)

    A daily boss that we can beat only once a day per character (a hard and easy modes are manditory)

    A single VERY hard boss that can fought as many times as you need until you beat it, but it only gives the reward for beating it once (but great reward)

    These three parts made the old dragon boat into one of the greatest events u had, but the rewards also played a part too. Here are some suggestions for rewards we like:

    Fash makes good rewards (chance for perm fash too)

    Mounts are nice too (not as nice as a new pet tho in my opinion)

    Pets are some of the best rewards u can give (if its always an epic pet like demon or mermaid make it for the hardest boss only)

    Must have a chance for at least One permenant item.

    Oh n pet exp scrolls were a great idea we want more

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    I dont know what the heck happened at the end of the previous post but it was meant to say: " oh n pet exp scroll were a great idea we want more ( but not the x2 exp kind but the +15000exp kind instead) I hope this information helps u cause i realy want a good event especialy after that stupid dragon made an "arrow to the knee" reference at me......i made sure it died horribly every day.

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    Hi Jasmine (and/or Kos :), I tend to agree with Lee that having a small chance at certificates dropping would be great to encourage WW participation, especially if you made the chances increase the higher the win % in WW.  This would encourange more competition in the WWs because people who may recognize they cannot win would be competing to try to get certificate drops.  Currently, only the emperor can get the mount so it isn't something you can farm for :/

    I agree the graphics are impressive.  The new quests auto-travel are very nice too especially for hard to click locations like Hero Trial.

    Wish list: Vampire Maid pet

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    Great convo, and I also thinkg WW scrolls should be made available to all members of the Empire.  Perhaps they can trade X amount of a ticket type reward item for one scroll, so they don't get quite as many as the king but have a chance for the mount as well.  

    I really think things should be looked at and readjusted so this stuff isn't limited to emperor's only.

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