System failure need emergency help

Ok so I did the new update a few mins ago. Now when I try to log onto the game the screen comes up saying must be connected to Internet. Try again and server status are my only two options to pick from. So I closed all my apps then restarted my phone. Tries again same results so I checked my browser and as all can see I can surf the web w/o a glitch. So I ask will we be only able to play eo via wifi or both wifi 3G 4g etc...
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    Is at update & maintenance. 

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    randall dussault

    Update they still updating and maintaining guess they don't know how to post that a server maint is in effect for xx amount of time

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    Lol I remember thinking the same thing when I first tried to log in during an update. I think they don't know how long cuz it will take longer depending if they have troubles stabilizing or testing the updated version.

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