[Preview]_Blue Dragon_Alleluia

Okay, we all have been waiting for new pets.


Here is a sneak preview of the elusive Thunder Blue Dragon.  I have only seen one currently which is rumored to come from a prior event chest.  Maybe it will be more commonly available in the months to come.  This one is currently resting in the trade post.  In the meantime, enjoy!


The Thunder Blue Dragon is a melee based pet that appears similar to the Green Dragon as far as a tank pet (except without the Green Dragon's Strong Body talent).  It features strong STR, CON, and AGI growth rates.  However, its best feature by far is its talent.  The Thunder Blue Dragon boasts an impressive Auto called Thunder Split.  This melee-based skill lowers the dodge of all foes by -150 and stacks for 5 rounds.


Perhaps, this pet will be released with the new dodge equipment to help balance things out?  It will certainly add an exciting new dimension of strategy to the game! :)

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    Special thanks to BossBob of BRITANIA for sharing this :)

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