For these who does'nt know how tapjoy works :)

Notice: this will work if you have a player lv15 and higher :) Hello there, it seems like you dont know how tapjoy works. Maybe you tried downloading stuff but it failed??? Ok so lets start problems 1rst how to use it??? You go to press either login or sign up SKIP THIS IF YOURE ALREADY SIGNED UP!!! (Till next cappital letters). 1st you press sign up you complete everything name,date,email,pass. Then install what tapjoy says to. TILL HERE. Press on empire online tab. You see all stuff next to it is how much gc youll earn: ect : Lucky Bingo 30gc. Click on it either download either do what it says to( i preffer never do ones you need to do what they tell its waste of time) when its downloaded YOU WONT GET GC you need to PLAY IT for 1-3 min :) Then you should get gc i purhased coin mail or in sistem. Thanks for reading. Hope helps everyone :) Andrew. Ign:Andriux
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