Take A Chill Pill Sherm

Aight You are bigtime Lakoo Player. You Complain about many things daily. NOW!! Running a game is mad Hard. And Their are 1000s of things to pay attention too. Remember when their was a bug that made it hard to see and equip things in the inventory? Or when Game was wayy too laggy. Lakoo worked hard to fix those. I know you may have some problems in Eo But LOOK!! You are still playing!! after years and many complaints still log on to play! I also bet you log on everyday daily. So I dont know. Also About Level Caps remember their are many things to consider and one little mistake messes up the game or creates inbalance. Millions of things are taken into measure armor stats all that so Please If your mad why play?

Thanks for reading I hope this didnt offend anyone!! Lakoo Thanks for making this game so fun for me ^^

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    Brian Lakoo

    Lmaoo Hook me up if you really quit :D And Trollings cool but id spend that time with some friends if i were you haha

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    Thanks for advices but I have quit eo already. Only fun thing lakoo left for me is this forum to troll around haha

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